(Wapcar Automotive News) Toyota Rush 2022 is a prominent model in the popular 7-seater segment. SUVs are very popular in Vietnam due to many advantages.

Toyota Rush 2022 is sold as a CBU import from Indonesia. This 7-seater model has received a lot of love from Vietnamese consumers with its reasonable price, neutral appearance and durability that have affirmed the Toyota brand, especially Toyota Rush 2023.

The predecessor of Toyota Rush was the Daihatsu Terios model born in 1997. The Toyota Rush version sold in Vietnam belongs to the 3rd generation of this model, introduced in 2018, when it was the only SUV in the line. around 700 million.

So far, Toyota has not launched any other upgraded version for this model, which is also the reason why Rush does not have very successful sales in Vietnam, when competitors continuously add, upgrade new version level.

In Vietnam, Toyota Rush is sold with only one version using 1.5L engine, the listed price of the car is 634 million VND and Toyota offers users 6 car paint color options including:

black, white, red, plum red, silver and bronze. The size of the Toyota Rush 2022 is more compact than many small 7-seat competitors in the same segment, making it easier for the car to move around the city center. With a high ground clearance, the car has a more practical advantage when moving through rough terrain, climbing curbs, walking on flooded roads…

The exterior design of Toyota Rush 2022 is considered to be quite “safe” with familiar lines imbued with Toyota’s imprint. With many SUV looks, Rush has a stronger style than the “brothers” Toyota Innova or Toyota Avanza.

Compared to many competitors in the same segment, Toyota Rush seems quieter and calmer, really not impressed in appearance. However, in return, the equipment has a lot of highlights.

The “safe” design of Toyota Rush 2022 is evident from the front of the car. Traditional grille with 4 simple horizontal branches. Although those bars are plated with dark chrome, which makes the hardware look more sturdy and sporty, it is not attractive enough. The lower air cavity still has the familiar inverted trapezoidal shape. The upper part is covered by black plastic trim and supported by a large silver lower bumper.

Similarly, the Toyota Rush front light cluster is also shaped in the familiar “style” of the Japanese automaker. The turn signal light, although separated from the adjacent compartment below, is still a detail that tries to refresh itself in the “familiar area”.

Although not too prominent in appearance, in return Toyota Rush 2022 is equipped with a lighting system with LED technology, headlights with automatic on / off function and light reminder mode. This is a strength that surpasses many competitors in the same segment. The turn signals and fog lights below also only use normal bulbs.

The body of the Toyota Rush 2022 looks well-proportioned and quite solid. The body of the car has many floating ribs that add strength and give the feeling of a higher rear end. The roof is fitted with a black roof rack. The bottom edge of the window is a chrome border. The handle has a smart open button but unfortunately only the same body color without chromium. The Toyota Rush mirror has all the necessary features such as electric adjustment, electric folding and turn signals. This is considered a plus point of Rush compared to many competitors in the same price range.

The “legs” Toyota Rush 2022 also stands out in the segment when equipped with 17-inch 5-spoke dual-spoke wheels with 2 beautiful colors. Because most competitors only use 16-inch wheels. The Rush wheel cavity is quite large. The entire wheel arch and lower edge of the body are covered with thick, sturdy black plastic with many typical SUV colors.

The rear design of Toyota Rush 2022 is still in the general “safe” style, relatively angular but not broken. In terms of overall shape, the Rush’s rear is a bit narrow, without much of a sense of grandeur.

The upper part features a spoiler with integrated pendant LED brake lights. The rear of the car mainly uses deep ribs to create a lot of muscle mass, giving a strong feeling. The lower part is covered with large plastic panels with a reflective strip, the rear bumper is covered with silver in the same style as the front bumper.

The taillights of Toyota Rush are quite muscular. Although not very impressive in terms of interior graphics, the car is highly appreciated for its full LED technology including positioning lights, brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights.

Toyota Rush 2022 interior is neat but with many highlights

In terms of interior, Toyota Rush 2022 clearly shows practicality. The car has a fairly spacious area, but the equipment is only affordable.