While startups can manage their staff using Excel sheets and Google forms, enterprises with hundreds of thousands or more people cannot do so. Hence the introduction of HRMS software. HRMS and payroll software integrates and automates many HR operations and processes, including recruitment, personnel management, attendance monitoring, payroll processing, performance management, and benefits administration. It successfully manages the data of all the employees without causing any confusion. It can save time and money, decrease errors and inconsistencies, and enhance the HR process as a whole.

Features in the HRMS software

There is a broad range of features that are provided in HRMS software. It depends on the cost of software, the size of the organization, and the type of industry. Here is a list of a few common HRMS software features:

Recruiting and Onboarding: HRMS software facilitates recruitment by posting job openings, managing resumes, arranging interviews, and onboarding new hires. It can automate administrative tasks such as offer letters, contracts, and forms.

Employee Management: The HRMS software provides a centralised database of employee information, such as personal details, employment history, job titles, compensation information, and performance evaluations. HR managers, department heads, and employees can quickly access this information.

Performance Management: HRMS software includes capabilities for managing employee performance, including goal planning, performance evaluation, and feedback. Additionally, it can provide staff performance reports and indicate areas for development.

Analytics and Reporting: HRMS software offers analytical tools for generating reports on a variety of HR variables, including employee turnover, absenteeism, and performance. This data can help organisations identify opportunities for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Attendance: The HRMS software automates the process of tracking employee attendance, including clock-in and clock-out timings, leave and vacation tracking, and overtime hours. Additionally, it can generate attendance and departure history data.

Payroll: HRMS payroll software accelerates the payroll process by calculating and processing employee salaries, bonuses, and taxes. It also provides management of employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans.

Ensure that the HRMS software that you choose is easy to use and employees get training on how to use the software.

Advantages of using HRMS softwares

  • HRMS software helps improve the efficiency and productivity of the HR department as it automates many of the routine HR processes, such as employee data management, time and attendance tracking, and payroll processing.
  • They lower the risk of incurring legal or financial fines for noncompliance by reducing errors and ensuring compliance with regulations and policies, such as tax and labour laws.
  • HRMS software can give employees options for self-service, such as access to their personal information, leave requests, and performance reviews. This can make employees more engaged and likely to stay with the company.
  • HRMS software provides real-time data and analytics, enabling HR managers to track critical HR indicators such as employee attrition, attendance rates, and performance data.
  • HRMS software offers a single platform for HR managers, department heads, and employees to communicate and collaborate.


In the highly competitive business world of today, effective management of a company’s human resources has become an essential part of that company’s overall success. Although before buying a software, ensure the software is customizable as every organisation has different requirements. Customisation features are essential in every HRMS software.

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