Auto shipping companies have gained a lot of popularity for providing outstanding transportation services. Each of these companies has its own set of benefits, shipping methods, and charges. But when it comes to exotic car transport, it can be a stressful and complex process.

It’s mainly because these vehicles are much more fragile, and it can be a bit challenging to fit them in all the modern vehicle trailers. It’s important to inquire about all the extra considerations, such as the trip’s timing and insurance.

Shipping out exotic vehicles should be done carefully and effectively. So, when you’re planning to ship these vehicles, keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Take pictures of the vehicle before shipping it

On certain occasions, treating the vehicle properly and taking all the needed precautions is not enough. Things can certainly go out of control, and damages can take place. When vehicles are in perfect condition during the relocation work, the haulers still get blamed for bumps, dents, and scratches, which are spotted by the vehicle’s owner.

So, if you wish to keep yourself protected from damage claims, you should take countless pictures of the exotic vehicles right before transporting them. When you take the pictures, you will have proof of the current condition of the vehicle before delivering it.

When a damage claim is made against you after the inspection work, you can avoid getting fined by showing pictures of the vehicle.

  • Inspect the exotic vehicles to find damages

When conducting exotic car transport, you need to check whether or not these vehicles have any existing problems or damages. By doing so, you can be extra careful when transporting the vehicle so that they do not get a lot more damage than it has. You can also ask the vehicle owner if the car has any internal damages as well.

  • Take the help of a hydraulic liftgate

Vehicles can be loaded in two ways: by utilizing the hydraulic liftgate or with ramps and then driving the vehicle on the truck. You can use the hydraulic liftgate to load the exotic vehicles, which is much easier on the vehicle’s undercarriage.

You will find low ground clearance in many exotic cars. So, when you don’t utilize the liftgate, it can damage or scrap the undercarriage of the vehicle when you unload or load the vehicle.

That’s why you must utilize the liftgate to make sure that the undercarriage and front bumper of these types of vehicles remain safe. Using the hydraulic liftgate can also prevent the vehicle’s clutches from wearing off.

  • Opt for the enclosed shipping option

Exotic vehicles have a higher value than luxury ones. For such reasons, you might provide a high level of protection to these vehicles. To make sure that these cars are delivered to their destination without any issues, you must opt for the enclosed shipping method. This process is ideal for these types of vehicles.

Opting for the enclosed shipping method will enable you to protect the vehicle from bad weather conditions, other vehicles, and road hazards. It will also protect the vehicle from rocks, dirt, and debris.

Ending Phrase

Keeping the exotic vehicles well-protected during the shipping work will help you deliver the vehicle on time. Be sure to take some pictures and inspect the vehicle right before you ship the exotic vehicle


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