trap the mouse is a game of spatial reasoning and logical thinking that can be completed in a short amount of time. The mouse is anxious to get away! Do you have the ability to build an impenetrable trap and lure it in? Because of the wicked little mouse who broke into your home and ate all of your cheese, your cheese is no longer available. You are outraged over the loss of food, and as a result, you make up your mind to track down the offender and extract a delectable measure of payback for your suffering.

The purpose of the video game Trap the Mouse is to catch the mouse before it has a chance to escape. When the game begins, the mouse will remain in the same spot in the middle of a large mat that is comprised of a variety of hexagonal tiles as well as a few pillars. The mouse will move around the mat as the game progresses. Each time you click on one of the empty tiles in order to install a pillar, the mouse will move to a tile that is adjacent to the one you just clicked on. Continue following the steps in the procedure until you have successfully caught the mouse. Be warned that you will be judged as having failed the challenge if the mouse leaves the screen before the task that you set for yourself has been finished. At the beginning of the game, your score will be displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, and it will be 20,000 points. You will suffer a loss of fifty points each time you place a pillar on the mat. Do you have the power to construct an impenetrable trap, seeing as how this occurs each and every time?