Turmeric is a herb known for its benefits as a spice and medicine in the form of powder, essential oil, and hydrosol with extensive use in our traditional system of healing which is ayurveda. And to revive the culture to convey back purity using clean techniques, the turmeric oil manufacturing procedure is simple with simply no need for chemicals/solvents, etc. This makes SNAANA the top edible turmeric essential oil and hydrosol brand in India.

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant-rich herb that acts as a tonic for the body’s functioning. It can provide relief from cold cough, skin disorders, bruises and wounds, flu sore throat, muscle spasms, allergies, pain, etc.

Making of turmeric hydrosol/floral water & essential oil at SNAANA

We make use of traditional methods of steam distillation to produce edible & pure turmeric herb water/hydrosols and essential oil. SNAANA strongly believes that synthetic chemicals and preservatives should not be used at all. Not even within the most negligible quantities.

We source fresh turmeric roots from the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand to make turmeric steam-distilled essential oil & hydrosol.

Benefits of Turmeric hydrosol/herb water 

There are multiple benefits of SNAANA edible turmeric hydrosol. Find below the benefits for overall health, skin, and hair.

  • It can be added as a nutrient-rich flavor to salads, cold-salted recipes, and all that cooked recipes go well with its taste.
  • It speeds metabolism and improves digestion, a healthy vital tonic.
  • The water is highly therapeutic and provides anti-inflammatory and detoxicant benefits to the body.
  • Regular turmeric water use helps improve skin health by decreasing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Turmeric water is a super hydrating pore and skin tonic for all skin types and all age groups. Effective nutrients like vitamin C help deliver vital essentials to the skin through topical application.
  • This works well on oily acne-prone skin and acts as a skin toner. It carries antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties.

Benefits of SNAANA edible turmeric essential oil 

There are multiple benefits of SNAANA edible turmeric essential oil. Find below the benefits for overall health, skin, and hair.

  • Support a strengthened immune function and encourage a positive response.
  • Soothe the thoughts and uplift the mood with its warm, woody, earthy, spicy scent.
  • Promote negative emotions and increased energy.
  • Moisturize dryness to alleviate itchiness.
  • Exfoliate to remove dead cells and reveal new pores and skin, which can beautify herbal radiance and promote a supple, healthy, revitalized look.
  • Remove loose dandruff flakes from the hair.
  • Moisturize dryness to assist establish healthy scalp conditions which are conducive to hair growth.
  • Promote skin elasticity and firmness through moisture.
  • Promote an experience of properly being through massage when experiencing itching, bruising, soreness, pain, cramps, and inflammation

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SNAANA is one of the well-known brands of edible turmeric hydrosol and essential oils. Buy 100% organic and certified turmeric hydrosol and essential oil from  SNAANA. We make natural & organic certified skincare, haircare, and wellness products. We take you back to natural secrets every day, all our products are certified authentic formulations prepared in fresh in-house manufacturing units with natural plant-derived ingredients that make no use of any synthetic chemical & preservative.

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