Different question types available in Blackboard, and there is a need to learn about the Blackboard question types.

  • Calculated Formula- this question type is needed when there is a requirement to generate the variables within a formula for each student. You can create a variable range specifying a minimum value and a maximum value for each variable.
  • Calculated Numeric- question type is needed when a student has to enter a number to complete a statement.
  • Boolean (Either/Or)- question type to respond to a statement using predefined answer choices Yes/No, Right/Wrong, Agree/Disagree, True/False.
  • Essay- question type to type a longer response to a question. An Essay and a Short Answer type question require the student to type a manually graded response.
  • File Response- question type needed to upload a file from their local drive containing the response. 
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks- question type to input one or two words into text fields.
  • Fill in the Blank- question type to input one or two words into a text field representing a blank.
  • Hot Spot- question type to click on a specific area or an image, diagram, or chart.
  • Opinion Scale and Likert- question type to indicate attitude or reaction to a statement or question by selecting answer choices’ neither agree nor disagree’, ‘strongly disagree,’ ‘strongly agree,’ ‘agree,’ or ‘not applicable.’ 
  • Ordering- question type to designate a hierarchy or indicate the order for a list.
  • Quiz Bowl question type to provide a response expressed as a question.
  • Short Answer- question type to type a short response to a question.
  • Jumbled Sentence- question type to complete a statement using ‘pull-down’ lists to choose the correct answer.
  • Matching- question type to pair items in one column to items in another column.
  • Multiple Answer- question to select multiple acceptable answers from a set question list.
  • Multiple Choice- commonly used question type to select one answer to a set question.
  • True/False- question type to indicate whether a statement or question is ‘true’ or ‘false.’

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