A round bar is a long cylindrical metal bar that has a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The shaft is the most common use. Standard diameters range from 1/4″ to 24″. Other sizes are available. Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and other metal types are available in round steel.

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Round bars are categorised as follows:


Round bars come in three different varieties: hot rolling, forging, and cold drawing. Hot rolled round bar dimensions typically vary from 5.5 to 250mm. These are a few of them: Small round bars between 5.5 and 25 mm in diameter are typically offered in bundles of straight bars, and are used to make steel bars, bolts, and various mechanical parts. Round bars bigger than 25 mm are widely used to make mechanical parts, billets for seamless steel tubes, and other things.


Carbon steel is categorised into three categories based on its chemical composition: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and high carbon steel (i.e. carbon content).


Carbon steel contains between 0.25% and 0.60% of carbon. Steel goods include kilned steel, semi-killed steel, boiling steel, and others. Along with carbon, it may also include a tiny amount of manganese (0.70% – 1.20%). According to quality, there are two kinds of carbon structure steel: low-grade carbon structural steel and high-grade carbon structural steel. The performance of hot working and cutting is excellent, but welding is poor.

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Round Stainless Steel Bars:-

Stainless steel round bars are very resistant to corrosion. The stainless steel can withstand extreme acidity and may be used in situations with chlorine or alkaline solutions.

Round Aluminum Bars:-

Round aluminium bars are lightweight, rust-resistant, simple to handle, and simple to cut. Aluminium round bar is widely used for supports, trim, shafts, braces, pins, and dowels.

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Types of Stainless Steel Round Bars:

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various types of round bars from Manan Steel and Metals

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