Wood entry doors are sure to draw attention to your property because they combine the roughness that no other material than natural timber can provide. Whether you have a historic home, a brand-new construction, or anything in between, custom doors will complement the design of your property.

Types of Residential Doors

The warmth and beauty of the wood are universally appreciated. Internal wood doors, painted or coated, made entirely of wood or with panes of glass, create a bold statement and give your home a one-of-a-kind quality.

Internal wood bifold doors, wood sliding doors, double wood doors, wood french doors, and more are some of the Sydney door types available.

Wood Bifold Doors

Wooden bifold doors are an excellent investment for any house because of their beauty and value. Use natural light to your advantage, give certain areas more solitude without sacrificing illumination, and boost your home’s resale value.

Wood Louvre Doors

Although most people immediately picture doors to storage areas like pantries or laundry rooms when they hear “wood louvre doors,” these doors can also be utilised in more sophisticated settings.

Glazed louvres can be installed effortlessly in the frames of timber doors and sidelights. You can open the louvres of a window to let fresh air and sunlight into the house. Louvre windows and doors can have security screens installed to make them impenetrable to would-be intruders.

Wood French Doors

French doors have been used for centuries to let in natural light and air before the invention of the bifold door. French doors, like bifold doors, have many practical benefits. They also lend a sense of elegance and history to any home’s aesthetic, making them suitable for both classic and modern settings.

Wood Pivot Doors

If you have a contemporary home, a pivot door might be a great alternative to the standard front door. Instead of pivoting on hinges, as with conventional hinged doors, they swing on a single axis.

Wood Sliding Doors

Some homes have sliding doors both indoors and outside. Custom-crafted timber sliding doors create a fashionable barrier while permitting easy child-friendly usage. You can use them to access your external entertaining area, interior room screening or separation, wardrobes, kitchens, or separate spaces.

Top-hung sliding doors, which use two trolley hangers to suspend the door from an invisible track, are the most prevalent type of sliding door. This straightforward system has shown to be both durable and user-friendly over many years.

Another standard option is barn or sliding doors with an uncovered rail.

Choose High-Quality Wood Doors

As you can see, there is a wide range of internal wood doors to choose from. You can also find the best grand doors online. Many companies provide these products, but you should always look for a manufacturer with experience and a good reputation.

You should visit their website and check their gallery or catalogues to understand better which products they offer. Consult with them and get their input on the door best suited for your needs before making a final choice.