When you buy tyres, you often think about the technology used in them, so you may drive comfortably without any issues. Indeed, advanced technologies enable a motorist to drive smoothly with effective braking and acceleration.

Present-day tyre manufacturers are trying their best to input the best tyre technologies in their upcoming products for the ease of their customers.

So, just wait!

A lot of technological advancements are going to take place.

If you are keen to know about some possible trends in the near future, we have a list of some recent developments in the tyre manufacturing industry.

Let’s have a look at some interesting tyre technologies

Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat technology is one of the most popular tyre technologies nowadays.

These tyres will let you reach a safe place even if you experience a tyre puncture in the middle of a trip.

The structure of these tyres is modified to withstand punctures more efficiently than traditional tyres.

Therefore, this technology is going to change the scene where several accidents take place due to blowouts or punctures.

Nowadays, a lot of carmakers present new model with already installed run-flat tyres.

Therefore if you decide to buy tyres London in this category, you may save some extra space for a spare tyre.

Smart tyres

This is the age of smart devices. Therefore, it is natural if the tyre makers try to manufacture smart tyres.

Smart tyres is really an exciting concept and a lot of brands have presented their products with ultimate features.

For example, you can now imagine having a tyre that changes the air pressure automatically.


In the future, tyres may function with sensors that will examine the surface and change their performance level accordingly.

So, you do not need to worry about changing road conditions with these smart tyres.

Electrical Tyres

The future generation is expected to drive with electrical tyres, according to tyre experts.

If the professionals are successful in the development of a material that may produce a charge, electric tyres may become a reality. Like, smart tyres, these tyres are going to make the driving experience smoother and more comfortable. After all, this is the age of smart vehicles.

3D Tyres

Modern tyre manufacturing can be easily defined with benefits like 3D tyres.

Leading brands are in the process of designing tyres with biodegradable materials along with a covering of rubber material.

Hopefully, these tyres may restore themselves in the condition of the occurrence of an accident.

Finally, the days of maintenance cost are about to go.

Moss-covered tyres

Moss tyres can become an amazing invention as they come with the objective of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. If these tyres run on the roads, you could imagine how much beneficial it can be for the environment.

Such category of tyres is supposed to have living moss within its sidewalls. This is probably the smartest use of moss to create environmentally friendly tyres.

Airless tyres

Air pressure is an integral part of tyre design but tyre manufacturers are in full mood of removing this essential aspect of tyres.

However, a lot of research and development is required to make these tyres with the same level of performance, quality and durability.

Finally, we can conclude that after looking at these innovative ideas that tyres will play a vital role in the development of smart vehicles in the near future. Therefore, we may hope to have a more comfortable drive on the roads.