Umrah is the Sunnat e Muwakidah. Muslims don’t have to do it as part of their lives. Muslims do Umrah to remember that their beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did the same thing. Every Muslim can perform the Umrah in 2023 by booking Cheap Umrah Packages 2023. Because this year umrah packages are quite cheaper as compare to the last year. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “Everyone in my Ummah will go to paradise except those who don’t want to.” “O Prophet of Allah, who are the ones who refuse?” He said, “Whoever listens to me will go to heaven, and whoever doesn’t will be turned away.”

“Any action that is not in line with this matter of ours (i.e. Islam) will be disapproved.”

From this Hadith e Nabwi, it is clear that his path is the way to Jannah. It is also clear from what Allah, the All-Powerful, says in the holy Quran: “So let those who disagree with the Prophet’s order be careful, lest Fitnah or a painful punishment strike them.” [Quran 24: 63]

In the Quran, Allah told the Bayt-Allah to do Umrah and cheap Three star Umrah Packages From UK with group from Islamic Travel with hotel and flight, following the example of Ibrahim a.s. Allah SWT said that people who go on pilgrimage are the Almighty’s guests. The Holy Prophet doesn’t say much about the Umrah, but he did it twice in his life and made it a preferred act of obedience for everyone in his community, or Ummah. He (PBUH) said that the Muslim’s sins from before the Umrah are washed away by the Umrah.

The fact that the Umrah makes a person as clean as when they were born suggests that the path of the Umrah is the path to Jannah. To get into Jannah, you have to get rid of all your sins and bad deeds, and the Umrah is like a shower for your sins. It’s also best to do Umrah twice in your lifetime. It is also based on the Sunnat e Nabvi PBUH, and Muslims are required to do Umrah by no other authority.