Mental health is a gold, the more safe we keep it the healthy the present and future of the individual. Today people constinu to attach social stigma on mental health, addmitting that one needs help for a mental health is reharded as a shame. People being all jufgnemntal , rediculing them foe their mental health condition rsather than being supportive at this point of time. Mental health is as important and as normal as our physical health . if we feel anysort of physical uncomfortablity we immediately reach tpo a doctor hoewer the situation isnt same for the mental health.both mental and phusical heath goes hand to hand and should n0oot be neglected ata ny point of time,. In the 21st century, with the growing time and world,mental illness is becoming very common and widespread. The most common mental ilness are-


  • Anxiety issues
  • Depression
  • Emotional numbness
  • Insomnia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post traumatic disorder

Emotional numbness is a very painful mental illness and quite a difficult mental health disorder to be treated. As the name suggests there is numbness of emotions. A disorder that numbs the ability of the person to express their emotions feelings and vulnerability. Emotional numbness occurs as a result of any past traumatic event , it can vary from-

Molestation by closed ones

Domestic violence on your loved ones or with them


This list of traumatic events can vary . emotional numbness requires tons of confidence, courage and boldness to face it as the journey is extremely painful and challenging. The major symptoms that make this illness a tough one to deal are-

Panic attacks


Distancing oneself from others-self isolation

Lack of enmotional empathy

Unable to express what they feel

Hallucinations on their past

Emotional numbness is a mental illness that can simply be cddescribed as an adaptionb of those traumatic experiences from the past that have been haunting them from a very long period of time fighting extremely diffifficult to forget over the years. A sense of being disconnected from the people aroun, alienatingoneself from othersand being aengulfed in a feeling of sadnessness and loneliness evry second . individuals begin to loose their ability to express their feelingsand emotions because of the fear of being judged, ridiculed and and misunderstood by the people around . this mental ilness makes it so diificult for the individual to express themselves at a time when they have given up in terms of being productive as well living.

basic treatments

There are 2 basic treatment that wouldn’t eliminate the illness but can help to reduce the level of it or to tackle the illness more courageously and boldly-

Family support mental illness often makes you weak , vulnerable and miserable and this is the point where family support is must and required. It gives a feeling of not being alone and a hope of a better future thus works harder to get their health better and normal.

Therapy sessions – therapy sessions is the most effective treatment when it comes to give emphasis to communication. Therapy sessions build a therapeutic relation between the patient and the therapist.

These sessions provide a platform to the patient to discuss the issues that have been disturbing them for a very long period of time . Therapy sessions are there to build confidence and a platform for self growth, empowerment and an approach to look forward in life.

The other most suitable treatment procedure for the post traumatic stress disorders is the somatic experiencing and EMDR. During these treatments that brain is connected with the behaviour of the human body so as to have a control on the other person’s emotions.

Emotions are very important in order to express and feel alive without the feeling any emotion the person is like a zombie. Thus approaching towards your illness in a right way through these treatments can help to eliminate the mental health disorder with a hopeĀ  that you can live a life with stability and being an inspiration for several others who have suffering from emotional numbness or other mental disorders and finding the right path to chose to get free from mental illness and thus being healthy and expressive.