There is no doubt that smartphones are simplifying peoples’ lives, but on the other hand, a discharged battery can seriously destroy someone’s day. Peoples’ lives are now so dependent on the phones that the thought of one’s phone battery being low can be terrifying. For such situations, phone charging stations come in handy and work as life saviours.

Businesses are increasingly offering free charging stations in more locations with the common goal to ensure their customers can have a wonderful experience. This is why there are different kinds of charging stations available that are beginning to appear in cities all over the country.

If you are planning to buy phone charging station, go through this article to understand the basics of charging stations.

Basics of mobile phone charging stations

When shopping for a mobile phone charging station, it is important to note that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Initially, charging stations consisted of simple power strips with cords, but over the years they have evolved into charging towers and even tables. Most of the charging stations available today require a standard 110V power supply for charging the phones.

  • They come with or without in-built cords.
  • The latest charging stations provide 2.1 amperes while the older ones provided 1 amp of power.
  • Some charging kiosks come with lockers with a resettable PIN for locking and unlocking the doors.
  • Charging stations are also available as furniture such as charging tables.

Different kinds of mobile phone charging stations

Check out the different types available before you set buying a phone charging station to suit your needs and preferences.

Wall-mounted mobile phone charging station

Currently, the most basic and cost-effective option for a mobile phone charging station is a wall-mounted unit. These are well-suited for areas where people are able to stand close to the station, such as waiting rooms in medical or dental offices, or hospitals.

Charging stations with lockers

Mobile phone charging kiosks with lockers are an excellent option where people can securely lock their phones while it gets charged and they can move around. There is no need to stand or sit near the charging station. You may buy phone charging station with a locker and fast charging facility for your employees in your workplace or use it as a vending machine. Customers appreciate the freedom of moving around while their phone is secured and getting charged.

Mobile phone charging towers

Charging towers are considered the best option when you are looking to buy phone charging station. They are usually the most expensive charging stations and probably have the most impressive look. Charging towers provide a wonderful platform for you to elegantly promote your brand.

Charging tables

Mobile phone charging tables are available in different kinds with some having USB ports while some have USB cables and some even have a 110V outlet for charging the laptop. They are available in a wide range of options, each with a unique set of attributes.

They come with several features like:

  • Fast charging
  • Windowed doors
  • backlit screens
  • Lighted compartments with a variety of colour selections.
  • Some even include HD screens to promote your company
  • They can be an excellent hub for networking and sales pitches by arranging four stools around the charging table.
  • They have a less environmental impact and can be customised with a banner to promote your company in front of customer who is charging their phone.

There are some good benefits of charging tables:

What is wireless charging?

You can also choose to buy phone charging station which does not need a wire to charge your phone. The compatible mobile phone is to be placed on a charging pad without the need for a cable or adopter. There is no outlet or connection needed for recharging your mobile phone.

Most wireless charging systems consist of a particular pad or surface that you set your phone on so it can charge. While some old smartphone models require an additional adapter or receiver to be compatible with wireless charging, newer smartphones typically come with one built in.

To wrap it up, phone charging stations have almost become a necessity for every individual using a smartphone. Therefore, whether you rent or buy phone charging station, it can be an excellent investment and opportunity for your business.