DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer and Exporter of various types of Industrial Nuts. We are known as Fastener Exporters in multiple countries. Industrial nuts are using for different requirements. DIC Fasteners exports a wide variety of stainless steel Industrial Nuts. We use high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing process of nuts.

Industrial Nuts:-

An Industrial Nut is a fastener with a threaded hole in the middle. Nuts are almost used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together. Industrial Nuts can not use without bolts. There are different types of industrial nuts used for various industrial applications. Industrial Nuts are being used and adjusted with the bolts with the help of multiple tools. Primarily wrenches are used to tighten and loosen the nuts.

Hexagon nuts and Square nuts are the most commonly used for various industrial applications. To provide a protected fastening, these nuts typically rely on the force applied to generate an axial force. This axial torque causes sufficient friction to the threads to prevent the nut from getting open. This torque may act between the bolt head and the nut, causing compression of the portion being fastened. Instead, it may work between a couple of adjoining nuts, allowing the part to be attached more loosely.

Features of Industrial Nuts:

* An Industrial Nut is a threaded fastener always used with bolts.

* The Nuts have a separate locking mechanism that secures them from loosening.

* The Nuts have mostly a circular cross-section.

* The size of the nut is always tiny as compared to bolts.

* Every machinery, tool, or bolt requires a nut according to size requirement.

* Industrial Nuts are essentially shaped as a ring with a hole inside.

* Alternatively, It may be hexagonal as well.

Advantages of Industrial Nuts:- 

Corrosion Resistant: The main advantage of industrial nuts is that they are resistant to corrosion. In most industries, nuts and bolts are made from steel, aluminum, and plastic. These types of materials are strong, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion.

Easy to Install: Another advantage of Industrial nuts is that they are easy to install. One does not need any unique guide to understand the method to install.

They do not require treatment: Industrial Nuts do not require heat treatment during the fastening process. The fastening tools are mostly provided with heat treatment to ensure they are correctly fixed.

Applications of Industrial Nuts:

* Used in Construction work: Industrial nuts have an essential application in the construction and application of railway tracks.

* Used in Water supply systems: Industrial nuts are water pipelines to join the pipes and hold the different connections together.

*Used in Building Automobile Industries: Automobile comprises a significant application of industrial nuts. Nuts are used in automobile industries widely.

*Used in Agriculture Industry: Another prominent application of nuts is that they are used in agriculture industries.