For victims of child sexual abuse, anger isn’t always a bad thing. There is a good and healthy expression of it that can really help someone recover from all those pain, suffering, and trauma. It is a fact that most sexual abuse victims feel or experience a certain level of anger for the duration of their lives. Since anger is just a product of emotion, there are things that can be done in order to either control it or use it to an advantage. sexually assaulted hamilton

Nevertheless, majority of victims still use anger as a means to escape pain and put reasoning on the question of why they were chosen to be abused. For people who did not suffer from sexual exploitation, it is so easy to blame those who did suffer and ended up losing their life and future. But for the victims, it seems like being angry at oneself, to others, and to the abuser is the only way to answer all those confusion inside them. sexual abuse helpline

Anger and Self-Destruction

By the time a victim feels the pain and trauma of the abuse, she starts to blame herself. Most of them would think that getting sexually abused is their fault. Anger is therefore directed to them. As soon as this happens, self-destruction in the form of addiction, inflict pain, and suicidal tendencies are common consequences. Anger in this form does not help in any way for the recovery and healing. have I been assaulted

“It’s Their Fault!”

Placing anger and blame to other people and society is another form of using this emotion in an unhealthy manner. If victims plan to heal and recover from the trauma of child sexual abuse, blaming others and hating them will just worsen the whole picture. There are many instances where survivors find themselves alone – with no one else there to help and protect them from the abuser. As a consequence, they begin to build a mentality that everyone around them including their parents, relatives, and friends betrayed them. Anger at this instance will surely ruin whatever future relationships the victims may have in the long run. ptsd sexual abuse

In reality though, anger is just a natural product of the mind. Once a child becomes a victim of sexual abuse, negative effects will surely surface and that includes anger and shame. Victims must look at it as something that’s going to appear no matter how strong they try to fight it back. The important thing to do is try to express this emotion to their advantage. When anger is kept to oneself, it becomes destructive. When it is expressed and let others know about it, it’s a way of expressing and letting it all out. The good thing about expressing anger is that victims will eventually learn to eliminate it.