Attempting mocks and analyzing them is the cornerstone of any good UPSC exam preparation.

Your job as a UPSC candidate is not just to know the syllabus of the UPSC Prelims and Mains, like the back of your hand, but also to know how to apply your knowledge in real-time by solving actual UPSC-level questions. Solving UPSC Mock Tests is a pretty good way to do so.

That said, attempting mock tests is somewhat like the mock drills conducted in the army. The whole point of it is to recreate the actual UPSC exam experience, but in the confines of your study room without the actual stakes at play.

UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional Test Series

Commerce & Accountancy is one of the most famed optional subjects to choose if you have a commerce background.

If it is the case on your part then there’s no reason to contemplate more. Go about with commerce optional. For your impetus, I have designed the commerce optional test series.

Benefits of  Solving UPSC Mock Tests

  • Know you’re the exam structure by heart: The immediate benefit that you’d notice after solving the UPSC mock tests and previous years’ papers is that you’d be able to commit the exam structure to your memory. That would in turn facilitate your understanding of things such as the sections to attempt first and the ones to leave out for later, based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Know your strong and weak points clearly: It would become easier for you to gauge your performances segment-wise, subject-wise, and level of difficulty-wise. You’d also get to clearly compartmentalize your strong and weak points according to the topics and segments.
  • Know the difficulty level of each question: One important benefit would be that you’d be able to easily decipher questions on the basis of their difficulty levels and the topics they encapsulate.
  • Become Fast: The next benefit is an obvious one. Taking more mock tests would mean better speed of comprehension and the ability to solve more in littler time
  • Become instinctive: Solving UPSC mock tests and previous years papers would make your moves more instinctive while marking the right answers while attempting the objective-type questions.

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