The online board game Ludo has established standards for its rivals. Even in these trying times, it is wonderful seeing people play Ludo and earn money game with their loved ones and making lasting memories. It will be remembered as one of the best board games that almost anyone could enjoy and play. Here are some helpful hints and strategies that will enable you to dominate the game. We also recognize that you play with a winning mentality and do not enjoy losing games, even when you are playing against strangers. So, after talking to many seasoned players, we have some useful advice that will make you unbeatable at it.

Best tricks to play Ludo and Earn Money Game Online 

Although Ludo is a strategy game, you have no control over the way the dice are rolled. So, while luck does play a role in ludo games, if you are also knowledgeable about the tricks of the trade, you can consistently succeed. Without wasting any time, let’s look at some advice and strategies that may be useful to play ludo and earn money game:

  1. Unlock each of your tokens

We are aware that one of the things we cannot control is the way the 6s are rolled. Therefore, whenever you roll a 6 to play ludo and earn money game, you must reveal all your tokens. When one of your tokens reaches the home triangle, you will not have to struggle to open them. One of the best Ludo winning strategies is this. In no game is it ever considered a good strategy to hold fewer options in your hand.

  1. Do Not Go After a Single Token Only

When all four of your tokens land on the home triangle, you win. Therefore, to play ludo and earn money game, moving them simultaneously is preferable to moving just one token. Try to evenly distribute your tokens across the board. This would give you a chance to win by assisting you in forming a block or perhaps capturing other opponents’ tokens.

  1. Take the enemy’s tokens

It is not necessary to spread out all your tokens before playing Ludo. It also involves capturing the opponent’s token and returning it to their play-yard. One of the best ludo strategies is this one. Therefore, you should always try to capture your opponent’s tokens when you have the chance.

  1. Disallow the enemy’s tokens

Another tactic to play ludo and earn money game, is to block your opponent’s tokens if you are unable to take theirs. They won’t be able to pass your token or take your tokens if you do this. Your success depends on keeping a close eye on each token on the board. It should go without saying that you must act while keeping an eye on things.

  1. Keep your tokens in a secure position

There are many locations and methods outside of your play area where you can keep your tokens secure. Never move a token that is about to land in the home triangle; instead, to play ludo and earn money game, move tokens that have a lower chance of being captured by the opposition. Your gameplay involves strategically moving your tokens, so you should think before you move them.

  1. Choose Your Game Play

Everybody has a different style of gameplay. While some prefer to be aggressive, others prefer to win without capturing any of their opponents’ tokens. Before beginning the game, you must determine your strategy. If you want to win the game, you should play a little safer, but if you want to fully enjoy to play ludo and earn money game, getting captured and being captured adds to the excitement.


Before you begin playing Ludo online, it is strongly advised that you are familiar with all the rules. Perfectly rolling the die, knowing when to capture and block, and following other rules would be helpful if you wanted to play ludo and earn money game. Share the joy of playing online ludo board games with your friends by telling them about the game and the Ludo Money app. Download your gaming app today and start playing.