When you’re a new mum, you’ll need to get yourself some things for your baby and yourself. Here are some ideas for Best Presents For New Mums New Zealand that might be useful for new mums:

Baby Book

A baby book is a great gift for any new mum. It can be a keepsake for the child and also act as a documentation of their first year in the world. These are great gifts from grandparents or other family members, but you can also buy them for close friends who are about to have kids too!

You can buy a baby book that is themed around the country you live in (for example, the Australian Museum has an awesome one), or if you want to give something more personalised, try making your own record of the child’s first year. This could include photos, drawings and other special memories from their early days.

Breastfeeding Pillow

A breastfeeding pillow is a lifesaver for new mothers who are breastfeeding. It helps to make the experience more comfortable, especially in the early weeks when you’re just learning how to latch your baby on properly and he or she may not be able to stay latched for long periods of time.

Breastfeeding pillows come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose one that works for you, depending on your preferred position when feeding your baby. Some can also be used as regular pillows if you don’t plan to breastfeed anymore – they’re great for keeping kids comfortable during story time and naps!

Comfy Slippers

Comfortable slippers are a great gift for new mums. They can be used in the house, outside and even on holiday.

Slippers are a great gift for new mums because they’re practical and comfortable. They can be worn at home or out and about, and even on holiday.

They’re a great gift for new mums because they’re practical and comfortable. They can be worn at home or out and about, and even on holiday.

Best Presents For New Mums New Zealand


A candle is a great present for new mums, especially if they’re going to be spending a lot of time at home with their newborn. Candles are useful for setting the mood when breastfeeding in public or just relaxing at home. They can also help with sleep problems, as they can act like aromatherapy and ease anxiety levels. Plus, what mum doesn’t love candles?

Nursing Bra

You’ll probably want a nursing bra, which can easily be worn under clothes and is ideal for breastfeeding.

A sleep bra or sports bra may also be a good choice, depending on how you like your breasts to be supported while sleeping or working out. A nursing bra will give you all three options in one.

For comfort, it’s important that you try it on before buying it so that you know what size will fit best (you don’t want to order an ill-fitting nursing bra online).


The Best Presents For New Mums New Zealand are gifts that help them feel loved and appreciated. And the baby book is a great way to show your appreciation, as it will be something they treasure forever. There are many other things you can get too like baby clothes, toys and books so take some time to think about what specific needs your friend or family member has before buying them anything.

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