The 70s dress-up is not rocket science. All you have to know is how people dressed back in the 1970s and use whatever you have to create a similar costume. You can also go the easiest route of buying a readymade costume online or in your local costume store. Both options are great but it depends on how much money and time you want to spend on your costume. Read on to learn more about 1970s fashion.

Know the look you are going for

Just like any other decade, the 1970s had a lot of fashion trends that you can emulate. When you think about fashion during that time, you will be thinking about fitted shirts and bell bottoms. That was a very classic look throughout that decade but there are more styles that you can go for. Fashion during this period was so experimental and varied that there were no rules in the fashion game.

When tasked with the responsibility of creating a costume or if you want to buy costumes online, you should start with the finer details. They include information like the unique style you wish to emulate, the colours and so on. It is always important to keep in mind that each product comes with a unique aesthetic so even if you have put multiple costumes together, do not assume the outfits work for every production or role. Whether you are tasked to wear your own wardrobe or carry it to set then you should arrive with your clothing unwrinkled and clean.

The early 70s fashion

The hippie look for women was carried over to the 1970s. Popular styles such as bell bottoms, maxi dresses, midi skirts, peasant blouses, tie-dye, and ponchos were common. Some accessories that can be used to put together a hippie outfit are headbands, chokers, jewellery made of stones, wood, beads and so on. In the early 70s, women who did not go for the hippie outfit chose a dressy casual wardrobe. This look came with t-shirts or dresses with flared pants, a fitted wide lapel blazer, cardigans, sweaters, and boots.

Bright colours and textures influenced men’s fashion in the early 1970s. Satin shirts, with lace or ruffles, were worn with hip-hugging bell-bottom pants. Double-breasted suits and coloured three-piece in wool, paisley, corduroy, and crushed velvet were very popular for special occasions. Bell bottom jeans, flannel shirts, tie-die, sweaters and pleated pants made up men’s casual look.

Mid 1970s styles

In the middle of the decade, ladies began to enter the workforce at a high rate and this led to a lot of tailored business styles. If you are putting together this look, you should think midi skirt, a tailored blazer and a fitted blouse.

If you want the 70s dress up for men for the mid-70s then you should know that men’s suits took a European flair with smaller waists, slimmer cuts and a straight leg in the pants. Whilst suits were popular for all occasions, there was a push for informal styles.