Modern families require less space-consuming furniture for their homes. Solutions that will grant them extra leg space for movement and organize their home furniture more perfectly. The basic medium of daily entertainment and news is television sets. However, average residential apartments do not have additional space to avail tv units for drawing room. That is why, several new configurations have gained popularity in the market that provide feasible solutions. Every other family in a residential apartment building has invested in acquiring these new-age structures to provide the daily dosage of entertainment. The objective of this article is to present some popular TV setups in 2023 in a detailed fashion.

  • Centerpiece Design

The following TV setup is a popular choice for large drawing rooms. The design provides 360° viewing assistance and the tv units for drawing room can be changed according to the customers’ choice at any time. They can adjust the TV according to their seating arrangement and can rotate the view while they are on the other side of the drawing room. This provides a free-flowing TV experience that comes at a considerably high cost. The 360° centerpiece design for TV units can be used in large apartments and the setup can be moved and rearranged according to the user’s needs.

  • Corner TV Setup

Corner set up for tv units for drawing room utilizes the corner spaces to provide an angular viewing experience. The TV is located at the corner of the room and either with specific design support or with corner tables designed to accommodate the TV unit. Customers can organize seating arrangements in an ‘L’ fashion and view news channels and other entertainment platforms. The design is effective in smaller residential apartments as there is less floor space and using the corners would be the perfect solution to their television viewing issues.

  • Wall-mounting Layout

The following setup uses zero floor space and can be attached to any wall in the drawing room. Wall mounting design for tv units for drawing room can be fitted to any wall of customers choosing and the design requires metallic angles to hang the LCD or LED monitor from the wall. Customers can have an unrestricted viewing experience and not damage their vision due to the wall-hanging layout. The design is kid-friendly as they cannot reach for the TV unit or collide with it when they are running around and playing in the drawing room.


The aforementioned TV setups are the most popular designs for tv units for drawing room. Modern families staying in average-sized residential apartments do not have the luxury of space in their apartments. They need designs that will be cost-effective, less space-taking, and trendy. Modern TV setups are designed after addressing every aspect of TV viewing to deliver the best alternative that will guarantee increasing the quality of their viewing. Families can get together, spend quality time with each other, and watch movies, daily soaps, news, religious channels, and kids’ entertainment channels to spend time and relax their nerves.