Polyvinyl alcohol, additionally referred to as PVA, PVOH or PVAL, is a water-soluble crystalline polymer with exceptional film creating, emulsifying, and sticky properties. The polymerization of plastic acetate produces polyvinyl acetate adhered to by an alcoholysis response to PVA. The extent of the alcoholysis response will result in a specific level of hydrolysis for theĀ polyvinyl alcohol powder.


Degree of Hydrolysis


The degree of hydrolysis is the proportion of hydrophilic alcohol groups and hydrophobic acetate teams. The balance contributes to the water resistance of the dried out movie. The completely hydrolyzed PVA has better water resistance than the partially hydrolyzed PVA.


Level of Polymerization


The degree of polymerization is the expression of the polymer’s dimension and the molecular weight of the polymer. As the degree of polymerization is boosted, you see:


  • Higher remedy viscosity
  • Increased attachment toughness of the movie
  • Better solvent resistance
  • Higher tensile toughness of the movie


Use and Applications of selvol polyvinyl alcohol


Polyvinyl alcohol’s solid film-forming and binding homes make it perfect for usage to enhance fabric thread and documents. The paper market additionally utilizes polyvinyl alcohol to impart oil and oil resistance as a provider for optical brighteners and a binder or co-binder in pigmented coatings.


The high-water solubility of movies made from specific grades of polyvinyl alcohol discovers in usage in several applications where a sacrificial film is of advantage, for example, as a pre-coat on objects to which fibreglass or epoxy spreading’s are provided. Applying is quickly removed after treatment by dissolving the movie with water to launch the mould and mildew in this application.


An additional expanding market using the solubility of polyvinyl alcohol movies is the pharmaceutical market, which uses polyvinyl alcohol to layer medicinal tablets. The aerospace and automotive sectors likewise utilize it to layer items for protection throughout delivery. The advantage is that customers can rinse their items to eliminate pests, grease, or crud once received.