February 28, 2023 – United States – As remote work continues to grow in popularity among young professionals, it is important for companies to find solutions that allow employees from anywhere. For this reason, businesses should use vDesk.works’ cloud VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions.


vDesk.works’ virtual cloud desktops can be accessed on any device and operating system. These solutions can be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and thin clients. vDesk.works is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. Also, vDesk.works is device-agnostic and cross-device compatible, so software and applications can easily be used regardless of the endpoint device. For example, a user can work on a Windows desktop while using an iPad or a Chromebook.


Another significant feature of vDesk. works’ cloud VDI solutions is the security they offer. With vDesk.works, any data, and files are stored on a remote cloud service rather than the device itself. vDesk. works’ cloud PCs also work alongside the Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery Plan to restore data in the case of a hardware failure or natural disaster. Other security measures include military-grade encryption, single sign-on measures, multi-factor authentication, device fingerprinting, firewalls, and compliance with HIPAA and PCI. The security features to ensure that data will be safe, no matter where employees are working from.


vDesk.works’ cloud VDI solutions are highly scalable. vDesk.works include a dashboard where managers and administrators can add or remove users or devices from the company server. This level of scalability is helpful for remote companies that rely on the services of temp workers or freelancers. Another scalability feature is that managers can distribute software licenses to the employees that use those products.


vDesk.works has been a leading provider of virtual desktop solutions since 2014. To learn more about vDesk.works, visit https://vdeskworks.com/.