For all businesses, big or small, having an effective marketing strategy is a must. With increasing competition and newer engaging marketing practices, it becomes important for companies to continuously experiment and devise new methods of product promotion. This is not only limited to business events but also non business related events like weddings and birthdays where organizers also need newer ideas to keep the guests engaged and entertained. Hence, we have come up with this write-up to help you learn everything about Virtual Reality Games and Motion Gaming ideas for your next event.


Motion games or virtual reality games are those video games that are played on motion controllers and require hardware which supports Virtual Reality. These games involve tech that harnesses the movements of players through motion detecting cameras and require one or more controllers which detect movement in all directions. Through a head mounted unit, motion games bring the player a step closer to reality by displaying two stereoscopic images that give a perception of being in a 3D space.

History and development of motion games and Virtual reality

The first instances of motion gaming were noted in the 1980s with Mattel introducing Power Glove and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. During the 1990s, virtual reality headsets became immensely popular with the debut of the film – Lawnmower Man. With continuous research and progress over the years, motion gaming products became more and more approachable for the commoners. Soon, many games adapted with virtual reality hardware with multiple video games being designed exclusively for virtual reality.

Motion gaming consoles

Motion control gaming systems allow the players to interact with the hardware and software using body movements. The player has the flexibility to input commands that are either through speech or gestures and actions that are perceived by the sensors present in the system.

For those who prefer gaming on Personal Computers, there are tech solutions that eliminate the requirement of a dedicated motion controlling hardware. These include a 2D camera which can be used to eliminate keyboard and mouse based controls. The video camera is used to translate the movements of the player(s) into inputs for the software such that the player can directly interact with the game environment.


With ever increasing competition and the age of cutting edge technological advancements, with ad blocking and alternative content channels posing a threat to traditional marketing techniques, using virtual reality games/motion games shall be considered by all growing as well as successful brands in order to maintain a foothold in the market. Delivering good quality Virtual reality content can be beneficial especially for those companies which are limited on budget when it comes to resource allocation. Hosting customers with interactive sessions of games and virtual reality may prove to be a more winning strategy in the near future.We here at Gokapture can help you in your next promotional interactive session with your audience by providing all kinds of technical aids that can make your marketing strategy the most effective and prominent.

Source: Virtual Reality Games and Motion Gaming ideas for your next event