Invisalign offers a contrasting option to traditional braces. It’s not immediately obvious that you are repairing an issue with your teeth by using this method, as opposed to braces. With no metal involved whatsoever, Invisalign uses 3D virtual imaging technology to perfect the look of your teeth.

Professionals use the technology to create aligners that fit precisely over your teeth. In about two weeks, you get a new aligner that gently adjusts your teeth further. Each system of custom aligners is made custom, just for your teeth. The nearly invisible plastic aligners gradually and slowly shift and correct your teeth. You begin using a new aligner every two weeks. This is a great option for improving your smile that won’t be invasive to your life at all.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of eating your favorite foods as you would with traditional braces. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to remove the aligners to eat, brush your teeth, and to floss. Thankfully, they’re well designed and can easily be removed for these and other purposes. Invisalign is still the creator of the most innovative aligner system available today

What kind of issues does Invisalign correct? You can have adjustments made if you have gaps in your teeth, an overbite, underbite, open bite, overly crowded teeth, and crossbites. You may not realize the health benefits that come with straight teeth. Oral health should be prioritized, as oral infections have been proven to lead to such issues as heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and stroke.

Swollen, red gums can be an indicator of periodontal disease. When your gums fit more securely around your teeth, you can help prevent likelihood of periodontal disease. With braces, food can often become stuck in the wires and brackets making them difficult to clean. Invisalign makes it easy for you to maintain your routine of brushing and flossing without changing anything.

You can ease any worries you may have regarding the expense of the treatment. Whether you choose Orthodontist in Mesquite or Dallas Orthodontist, you can choose an installment plan to make your treatment more affordable. If you need orthodontic treatment, benefit from the excellence of cutting edge orthodontic treatment.

Give yourself a beautiful smile without disturbing your schedule at all. There is nothing that stands in the way between you and a perfect smile. Your oral health is your business and you can discreetly make a huge positive impact on the quality of your smile without anyone knowing. Invisalign has so many benefits over braces including the ability to remove them when you want, nearly invisible teeth straightening, smooth & comfortable plastic, and less frequent office visits. Plus Invisalign Teen allows you to get up to six replacements aligners if they become broken or lost.

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