VoiceMod Pro is an audio manipulation software designed to provide users with the ability to modify their voice in realtime. Developed by the Spanish software company Desarrollo Electrónico, VoiceMod Pro is a powerful tool for users who want to modify their voice for audio recordings, video game streaming, and more. VoiceMod Pro is a comprehensive tool that offers users a variety of voice changing effects. With the software, users can easily create robotic, alien, or monsterstyle voices, and they can also add background noise, such as wind, rain, or thunder, to give their recordings a more realistic feel. VoiceMod Pro also supports a variety of audio formats, making it easy for users to apply their effects to any kind of audio file. In addition to voice changing effects, VoiceMod Pro also features a host of other features designed to make audio manipulation easier. The software includes a builtin voice recorder, allowing users to record and edit their voice without needing to use an external microphone. It also features a library of sound effects and samples, allowing users to quickly create soundtracks for their recordings. The software also supports realtime audio processing, allowing users to apply their effects to their recordings in realtime.