If you are in the process of making any building or any kind of infrastructure, then obviously you require concrete. You may feel confused about what kind of concrete suppliers you should contact or need for your construction type. Volumetric concrete mixer in London gives very tough competition to the ready mix concrete. In this article, we will help you to analyze the best services for you, by comparing two famous mixers in the market.

What Are Volumetric Concrete Mixers?

Before going into the pros and cons of volumetric concrete mixers, you should know how it works. A volumetric concrete mixer mixes the concrete material and water on a truck or trailer on site. It is a type of mixer being fir on the truck. It contains different elements of water, sand, stone, and cement. On the job site exactly, it mixes and produces the exact amount needed at the site.

Pros And Cons Of Volumetric Concrete Mixers:

Now let’s have a detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of volumetric concrete mixers. However, volumetric concrete mixers suppliers are very sure of its pros domination over its cons in the market.


There are some advantages listed over the ready mix concrete suppliers. It will surely help in choosing the right mixer for your job site.

Effective Cost 

Volumetric concrete mixers offer effective costs for the concrete-making process. As it produced the same amount needed for construction eliminating all the risks of extra money on the extra load. Due to the element of précised and needed production, it counts as more cost-effective as compared to the others in the market.

Less Wastage 

Volumetric concrete mixers in London guarantee less wastage for your work. As it produced the exact amount needed and will not produce the extra waste material. Another point is, it works on the site, creating no mess and fuss around. Compared to the other ready mixers, they work on some other spot and transfer it to the working site, which can defiantly cause more wastage of concrete material.

Capacity Of Weight 

Volumetric concrete mixers suppliers claim that this type of mixer has more capacity than ready concrete mixers. In comparison, it has the largest load capacity of around 10m³. It allows us to do work for larger projects with ease. On the other hand, ready concrete mixers do even not produce half of the amount which volumetric mixers do. The other plus point in this process is transport weight does not become a hindrance as it does in ready concrete mixers.


Volumetric concrete mixers show more flexibility than others. As they have to work on-site, they can fly. Plus, they can also change the weather conditions. This flexibility will not be available in ready concrete mixers. They also can’t change according to different weather conditions nor do they provide flexibility as well. They also have the ability to produce concrete of different strengths also. This can produce one for slab and one for foundations as well.

No Time Limits 

Compared to the other concrete mixers, it does not have any time limit to make it in use. You can store it and use it after some time as well. It will be as good to use. However, other ready mix mixers, it has a lifetime of 2 hours.

Modern Use Of Mixers 

Volumetric concrete mixers are considered a modern type. As it offers too many advantages over others, it has become a priority for people.

No Human Error 

As it is all done by machine, there are no chances of human error. It is faster than ready concrete mixers. It can be used in emergency cases as well. It provides more proficiency than others in the market.


It offers and provides more accuracy than ready concrete mixers. Accurate measuring is what makes your work more efficient and up to the mark.

Best For Big Projects 

Volumetric concrete mixers in London are considered the best used for big projects in the town. If you have much more work to do in construction and need different strengths for different construction parts. This can make your work done in fewer days and time, being the best choice for you available in town.


After mentioning the pros, let’s go through the cons of volumetric concrete mixers.

Danger To Environment 

If you are conscious of environmental effects, it may not be your best choice for construction. It produces more dust than others. This excessive dust can cause serious threats to the environment and eventually to health as well.

Needs Excessive Water 

It needs excessive water to be used. Plus, it can also result in excessive water drainage. This all can cause a threat to water waste, where the world is facing scarcity of water sources. The usage of this mixer may not be available if you have fewer water sources available around you. If you are concerned about this factor then this may not be your choice.

Need Experienced Persons 

For using volumetric concrete mixers, you need experienced persons to operate this. For others, it may not require such experts. It has to be handled carefully with all the knowledge of its parts and machinery. As the whole work done is by machine, it though does not need much manpower, but needs an expert manager to manage and handle things.

Needs Accuracy 

Volumetric concrete mixers need accuracy to produce good results. If you need high-quality concrete, then the operator or the worker must be aware of this fact. If all the material is mixed in proper quantities then the resulting concrete will be precise. Otherwise, it will not give as good quality as it is expected.

By reading all the above-mentioned pros and cons, you will become quite clear why Volumetric concrete mixers in London are more famous and in use. If you want to have this service, then you can contact Volumetric Concrete London, to have high-quality cement.