Vtiger Multi-User Assignment Extension Redefine task assigning.

Are you still assigning tasks to your employees manually? Aren’t you tired of doing so?

Read the article below and learn the power of Vtiger CRM’s advanced Multi-user Assignment extension to automate your task assigning and optimize the speed of your processes.


Table of contents:

  1. Vtiger CRM: An all-in-one management tool.
  2. The importance of CRM for different industries.
  3. The role of Vtiger extensions.
  4. Types of Vtiger extensions.
  5. Task assigning and multi-user assignment extension.
  6. Benefits of Vtiger Multi-user assignment extension.
  7. Summary



Vtiger CRM: An all-in-one management tool:

Vtiger CRM is a popular open-source CRM solution used by millions of growing businesses to streamline their day-to-day processes and upscale the idea of business management. The software is highly effective and flexible making it an in-demand tool. With the help of expert Vtiger developers and professional service providers, you can make the software an effective and powerful tool to manage your business effortlessly.


The importance of CRM for different industries:

Almost every industry and organization needs a software solution that can store their confidential data, maintain security, and automate repetitive tasks. Vtiger CRM is a choice of most businesses from its industry, to food, education, e-commerce, and even the corporate organization. The software can be customized to suit any kind of business and enhance their productivity and functionality. By adding advanced vtiger extensions and integrating software tools you can even enhance the basic working capability of the software tool.


The role of Vtiger extensions:

Vtiger extensions or plug-ins are the additional features designed and developed to upgrade the default functionality of the CRM solution. These third-party add-ons are simply configured with the tool and empower businesses to automate their efforts and boost efficiency.


Types of Vtiger extensions:

Some extensions are designed to manage the data seamlessly and store the information while ensuring clients’ privacy and security. While others are developers considering the need to reduce workflow for the employees.

Multiple Vtiger extensions are developed to ease out the business admins and help them automate their everyday tasks. These extensions save the admins a lot of time and increase the working ability and efficiency of the tasks.


Task assigning and multi-user assignment extension:

Task assigning is the responsibility of the business admins. They have to analyze the progress of each employee, create teams, and then assign a relative project or project task to accomplish and fulfill the client’s requirements and deliver the project on time.

The concept of multi-user assignment extension for Vtiger CRM came out when a business admin had to assign each employee a separate task and divide a project into multiple project tasks to get it completed. The extension works by creating a group of employees and automatically assigning the tasks for an easy and smooth process.


Benefits of Vtiger Multi-user assignment extension:

Following are some reasons why businesses configure this useful Vtiger extension to their CRM:

  1. Automatic task assigning: The business admins found it very easy and convenient to assign tasks to their team members with the help of our multi-user assignment extension. This extension automatically creates a group of employees and notifies them whenever the admin assigns a project to the group they will get notified.
  2. Speed optimization: The business admins complain that assigning a record or task to each employee takes a huge amount of their valuable time and son is a reason for the decreased workflow. The multi-user assignment extension can be configured in settings to optimize the speed of tasks.
  3. Improved teamwork: The extension promotes teamwork among the employees by creating a group of employees who can work together and collaborate seamlessly to carry out a project.
  4. Real-time monitoring and reporting: The extension is extremely beneficial for business managers and admins as they can monitor the progress of the project in real-time, create reports, and stay on top of everything. This improves the workflow and makes it easier for the admins to make data-driven decisions.

The multi-user assignment extensions are highly powerful and favorable for businesses that deal with teamwork and project management regularly. IUt improves the productivity of the software tool and increases workflow



Other vtiger extensions have their unique ways to upgrade the experience for CRM users and enhance their workflow. Some extensions focus on improving the layout and interface of the tool while others are designed to automate everyday tasks. Thus, all that matters is to choose a suitable vtiger extension or software integration for your business that can offer profitable ways for your business growth and success.



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