Students are assigned many academic tasks in university and college, and essay writing is one of them. Several students face issues in completing their essays. So are you also one of that students whose essay writing task is hampering your grades? If yes, and you are also one of them, you must know that essay writing is one of the vital parts of the academic task. While writing the essay requires the skills of precision, understanding of the topic and genuine findings. Essay writing services are considered personalised work, and they should narrate every aspect of the style. But have you ever thought that you are following the same process while drafting the essay? If yes, then you need to change. Because being monotonous in approach is not good. Try with the new form; for example, the PEEL structure.

The PEEL stands for the point, explanation, evidence and linking of the top augmentations to the essay writing structure. For a reason, it is not considered a complex process, but it stands as the classic approach. With the help of applying it to writing, students can convey their ideas and thoughts to the reader in a more straightforward form. To learn more about it, let’s move ahead.

How to Structure the Essay Writing Task Using PEEL Method?

As a student, you have various structures to set your essay. But, on the other hand, with the help of the peel method, you will lay down a strong foundation and base and make your essay writing task even more enjoyable.

Letter P in Essay

The letter P denotes the point. So it simply means that you stick to the main idea of your topic and do not include any other information. Make sure that your essay must justify the context of your selected theme and should have a clear understanding of the concept. With the point section of the peel, students get an idea that they need to be concise, precise and to the intention of the topic. So make your essay stick to the point and deliver the exact to the reader what they want.

For Example: If a student is reading in dim light, it will hamper their eyesight. So the main point is that scholars should avoid this practice and adopt the proper lifestyle. So by consulting essay writing services, know how to begin and then proceed to write.

 Letter E in Essay

The next step in the peel method is to explain. While following this process, a student should convey the reason for the chosen topic or the question. The main motive is to convince the reader why they have opted for the specific topic. What is the primary significance behind it? While explaining this part a student must be descriptive. Include all the necessary pointers and signify the reasoning aspects of the essay.

For Example: In this section, students can explain what happens if they continue reading in the low light. First, however, they can showcase the lousy effect of dim light on the eyes and how it can cause strain.

 Letter E in Essay

The letter E in the peel method denotes the evidence or example for the selected theme. If a student is conveying the story, they should need a solid backup plan that helps prove the authenticity of the same. Try to support your idea with solid proof. Check out the help of the available resources and collect the facts, data and statistical information. Students can take help from both the primary and the available secondary sources. One of its best purposes is the books, journals and credible sites. Invest your time in conducting thorough research.

For Example: Once you can explain the facts and the resourceful data on the table, write down the instances. Try to support every idea with a suitable example.

Letter L in Essay

The L is the final letter in the essay that stands for the link. This is the last part of the peel method, where you must remind your reader about the whole context in summary. This is like the conclusion, where you have to finish the essay. In this section, students can express their final words and convey what they want to express to the reader. Write down the end words by building a solid bridge between the points you were trying to make earlier while selecting the topic for the essay. Then, with the help of the L, which stands for the link, you can justify the whole relevance of the essay.

For Example: Do not include any new points in this section and summarise the information by providing the relevant points on why reading and writing in dim light is not suitable for the students.

Let’s Wind Up!

So basically, the peel is considered an art that helps enhance the essay writing style. It is one of the simple processes of the writing method that needs a touch of practice and a level of dedication. This helps to convey the main points and bind the reader to the document. So students can inscribe this writing method in the document. If you still have doubts and cannot achieve good grades, then at that time, take assistance from essay writing services.