The wide range of PCO car dashboard symbols and lights can indicate various things. From engine diagnostics to warning messages, these indicators can be pretty useful when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re a new PCO car driver who wants to start their journey and get their PCO license, you should start by finding out what all the different symbols mean because knowing what they mean can help you understand your car better and save you time as well as money should any issues occur.

It will also make you a better driver, preparing you for the driving exam and helping you improve your services. Here’s a guide to what each of the different symbols and lights is and what they might mean for PCO car drivers in London:

Dashboard Symbols

Dashboard warning symbols are imperative, as they can signal a potential danger or malfunction that requires immediate attention. They’re displayed in a few different colours and accompanied by an audible tone when activated. This alerts the driver to potential issues that may emerge if the warning signs are ignored.

Depending on the light’s colour, it will indicate whether it’s a serious issue that needs your attention or something that’s just a minor inconvenience. Blue, yellow, or green warnings are the least serious and most easily fixed. However, the red colour indicates that the situation is more urgent, and you should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and get your vehicle checked before further damage occurs.

Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the most common dashboard indicator symbols on a vehicle’s dashboard that lights up whenever there’s a fault in the engine management system. It is an orange and amber symbol shaped like an engine with a dot in the centre. When switched on, this light indicates to the car’s engine management system that there’s a problem with the vehicle’s emissions system that needs to be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

Oil Pressure Warning Indicator

This dashboard indicator symbol warns you of low oil pressure in your vehicle’s engine and can also indicate a malfunction with the engine cooling system. A leak, a faulty oil pump, or a failed oil filter can cause the oil pressure warning light to activate, resulting in a low engine oil level and a problematic engine. It is often indicated with red colour and an icon that looks like an oil can.

Dashboard indicators

Engine Temperature

A red or orange symbol of a thermometer indicates that the engine is at or above its normal operating temperature, which is often caused by overheating or defective cooling system components. Make sure to check the coolant level and your fan switch before turning on the engine and driving off again.

Battery Charge Warning Sign

The battery light indicator with plus and minus signs tells whether the battery is fully charged. This light not only indicates the battery life but also monitors the battery’s condition. If the battery light turns green, it means that your battery is in a healthy state and its charge is sufficient to start the car.

Brake Warning Light

The brake warning light indicates that one or more of the car’s brakes are not functioning properly and needs to be repaired immediately.

Do not apply the brakes if this happens, as the damage sustained could be quite severe. If you see this symbol continuously illuminated, it could also indicate that the hydraulic pressure in the braking system is too low or that the anti-lock brake system (ABS) is not functioning correctly.

Steering Wheel Lock Indicator

The light on the steering wheel lock indicator indicates that the steering wheel cannot be moved and that the steering lock has been activated. To unlock the steering wheel, press the release button on the side of the steering column while pressing the brake pedal.

Seat Belt Indicator

When you are travelling in a vehicle fitted with seat belts, one of the lights on the dashboard will indicate whether or not those seat belts are fastened. As a PCO car driver, make sure all passengers have fastened their seat belts before setting off on your journey.

Master Indicator

A master warning sign shows that one or more systems in your vehicle require urgent attention. It is a triangle with an exclamation mark inside and a red background.

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