When the healthy cells in your gallbladder start changing and grow out of control, it forms a tumour. This tumour can become malignant over time which can lead to gallbladder cancer. Below, the best gallbladder cancer surgeon in Kolkata discusses the warning signs of the disease.

Signs of gallbladder cancer

Yellowing of skin

The presence of a cancerous tumour can cause bile build-up. This can result in the yellowing of the skin. In addition, the whites of your eyes can also start yellowing.

Feeling bloated

Sometimes excessive abdominal bloating can be a sign of gallbladder cancer. To check for additional symptoms, the best gallbladder cancer surgeon might perform a physical examination in which they check for any lump, tenderness, or fluid build-up. Based on the initial examination, the doctor might order some more tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Persistent pain in the stomach

If you experience persistent pain in the upper right abdominal region, it might be a sign that you have gallbladder cancer. You can also experience this pain if you have gallstones. Hence, it is advisable to get a proper diagnosis and not delay the treatment.

Unexplained weight loss

People suffering from gallbladder cancer often lose their appetite. This causes them to lose weight without exercising or dieting.

Treatment of gallbladder cancer

After determining the above symptoms, the doctor might recommend these gallbladder cancer treatments.


In the early stages of gallbladder cancer, a surgery called cholecystectomy is performed to remove the organ. In advanced stages where the cancer has spread to the bile duct and liver, the gallbladder is removed along with portions of the bile duct and liver.


Chemotherapy is used to kill the cancerous cells in your gallbladder. This treatment may be given after surgery if the doctor suspects that some malignant cells might remain post-surgery.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy beams of X-rays to kill cancer cells. After gallbladder cancer surgery, radiation therapy is given along with chemotherapy.


Immunotherapy is a kind of drug treatment that enables the immune system to fight against cancer.

We have discussed the warning signs of gallbladder cancer and their treatment. For proper diagnosis, reach out to the best gallbladder cancer surgeon.