It is a regular incident for families trying to grill meat in their lawn on a perfect summer day and swarmed by wasps that are attracted by the delicious smell of roasting meat. This usually ends in families rushing into their homes and spoiling a wonderful afternoon or evening. This is something that is out of the comprehension and capability of house owners in Vaughan and other towns in Canada. The winged friends are fiercely territorial and can sting at will without any provocation from you and put you in hospital on occasions. Wasps are not friendly to human so you should not have any qualms in eliminating them from your premises by employing the expertise of BBPP, the best wasp removal service Vaughan and enjoy a life of peace and harmony.

How wasps are attracted to your home?

In this you are not alone as most homes in Vaughan and nearby towns with great indoor access are unable to use them without fear. Wasps make their entry into your home attracted by the colorful flowers that contain nectar and the availability of nesting places like a tree top, cavity in the trunk, thickets and bushes near your home. Availability of food and protected nesting places are the main attraction for wasps as they come out of hibernation when spring starts blooming.

Wasps are dangerous habitants

Wasps are dangerous, no doubt, that between 2000 and 2017 wasps and hornets were responsible for the death of 1,109 people in North America including US and Canada. Annual death average stands at 62 and that could be unnerving to owners who are infested with wasps. However it is not necessary for you to live with dangerous wasps through summer as you can get rid of them using professional wasp removal services like BBPP.

Let us share information about main wasps’ types and the tricks and the tips that will help identify the type of infestation you are having presently.

  • The various types of wasps that seek asylum in your indoors and outdoors include yellow jackets, hornets, paper wasps and mud daubers. They are colorful and differ from each other by the color combination and physical structure. For an example the Mud Dauber wasp in flight will look disjointed from the middle.
  • Wasps are fascinated by places that offer food and water. They like protein based food items and like to feed on leftovers available in homes. The meat scrapes, fallen fruits from trees found in the garden. They are suckers for sugary drinks and food and like to feed on spilled or half drunk bottle of soda
  • Wasps are attracted to places that offer them food and shelter. They eat protein-based foods and love human leftovers, like meat scraps on a grill and fallen fruit from trees.

Eliminating wasps

A number of measures are advised for wasps’ removal that is DIY stuff. Some of the tricks used by house owners will include using over-the-counter wasp repellent sprays, hang wasps traps using homemade solutions etc. these may work if the number of wasps you are dealing with is a small group comprising a dozen. However these tricks cannot be successful with bigger infestation because of lack of knowledge, training, experience and protective gears. Your adventure may end with catastrophic results such as wasps’ stings and pain. You should instead opt for professional wasp exterminators such as BBPP, the most effective Vaughan pest control service and for nearby towns. Contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by mail to [email protected] to get a free quote.