Staying fit is a necessary aspect while staying abroad as an international student. There are several ways to stay fit, which you can use in the city in which you are living. But, since you have to spend a huge part of your time in your accommodation complex so it is necessary to plan how to stay fit without going outside of the complex. Of course, you can go outside but sometimes, it may not be possible due to your busyness with studies or the winter season.

So, here, you will read about some ways to stay fit for which you don’t need to go outside of your accommodation complex.

Start with Simple Exercises in Your Room

You can start with the simple exercises in your student room. You can do this where you are living so it is the simplest way to stay fit without any second thought.

Visit In-House Gym in Your Accommodation Complex

A large number of student accommodation complexes today have in-house gyms. So, students get the facility to do the workouts on advanced equipment while going outside of their accommodation complexes. If you book your residence in any such complex then you can also visit the gym inside.

Play Sports in Sports Courts of the Accommodation Complexes

Sports are also great sources to stay fit. In many accommodation complexes, sports courts, such as volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. can be found. So, you can play sports in friendly teams with other students of the complexes, which is a great way to stay fit while staying inside the housing complex.

Do Swimming in the In-House Swimming Pool

Like the above two facilities, many accommodation complexes also have in-house swimming pools. It is a known fact that swimming is one of the activities, which are good for physical and mental fitness. Therefore, if you find a swimming pool in your student complex, don’t leave the opportunity to do swimming and stay fit.

Do Yoga in the Yoga Room or Your Regular Student Room

Yogic postures and breathing exercises are unquestionably great sources for physical and mental well-being. Some accommodation complexes provide special Yoga Rooms where students can do these practices. If you don’t find a Yoga Room in your complex, then also you have no need to worry. The yogic postures and breathing exercises can be done easily in your regular rooms also. But, if your complex has a yoga room, use it to get a perfect ambience for yoga.

Roam in Fresh Air

Inhaling fresh air inside is also a perfect method to get fitness. In many accommodation complexes, there are a lot of open areas such as gardens, outdoor courtyards, and rooftop terraces. You can roam in these areas to inhale fresh inside your body.

Take a Timely and Sound Sleep

Taking a timely and sound sleep is necessary for everyone for good health. Therefore, you should go to bed on time to sleep. Besides, you should take sleep for 6 to 8 hours. All this is good for your physical and mental health. In addition to this, it keeps you fresh, which is good for your studies and other everyday activities. Quite obviously, this is the thing you have to do in your residence so in your accommodation complex.

Eat the Healthy Diet

While living in your accommodation, another major thing for fitness you need to do is to eat a healthy diet. Food is your major source of nutrition, which is necessary for fitness. So, you should try to cook nutritious food in the kitchen of your residence as far as possible. You can also order nutritious meals from restaurants. You should consume a good amount of fruits, pulses, green leafy vegetables, etc. You can also consume fruit and vegetable juices and soups.
On the contrary, you should avoid or limit unhealthy foods and drinks. In unhealthy foods, we can mark fast foods. The unhealthy drinks include alcoholic drinks. Also, try to avoid smoking.


The above-mentioned methods show that you can do everything in your accommodation complex today required for your fitness without going outside.