Rice is a Kharif crop. This crop is known as a water-drinking crop as it is cultivated during the monsoon season. Rice farming is one of the most important cash crops in India. India is the second largest producer and exporter of rice. So, to maintain this position, puddling is a method which is used to increase the crop yield. 

Puddling is done with the help of tractor mounted puddler. These puddlers help to mix and compact the top layer of the soil to create a smooth field to hold water. Puddling helps to create a flooded field that is ideal for rice farming. 

Puddling also helps in-

  • Providing a consistent water level for rice plants to promote growth.
  • It helps in controlling weeds by burying them under compacted soil.
  • Improving soil structure and fertility by mixing in organic matter and nutrients.
  • Reducing soil erosion by creating a smooth, hard surface that holds the water.
  • Improving the overall efficiency of rice farming by making it easier to plant, cultivate and harvest the crop. 

Today, we are here with one of the best puddlings implements by John Deere puddler leveller, that can help you to improve your rice farming and increase your yield. 

John Deere Puddler Leveler- PL1017

This tractor-mounted implement comes in the puddler category. This implement comes with a required PTO power category of 44 HP. It implies that it easily connects to any tractor, churning out a PTO power of 44 HP and above.

This amount of power will help you with the puddling method as it can mix the top soil layer with precise effect to make the field smoother and hold the moisture important for rice farming. 

The John Deere puddler comes with the trust of John Deere’s high-quality standards, making it the best in the category among its competitors. This comes with high-quality blades perfect for all types of terrains. This implement can help you improve the quality of the crops and boost your production for the better profit of farmers in the market. Please visit tractor junction for more information on this John Deere Puddler leveller.