Have you heard of website design and its accessibility for users to have an optimal effect? Do you think you need to apply this function to your website? If you think so, let’s have an idea of accessibility.

Before you go forward with the Web Design Company in Mississauga strategies you need to implement in your business, you need to understand the term ‘accessibility’ and how to approach the concept for your business growth.

Commemorating with a reputable web design company in Mississauga will help you with your website design needs and help you design one that has a power-packed impact on the audience.

Let’s learn some basic things about the accessibility and website design for well thought strategies.

What is Accessibility?

Website accessibility is designing websites usable and accessible for people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive disabilities. A web design in Mississauga with accessibility benefits all users, not just those with disabilities, as it can improve usability and user experience for all visitors.

What are the Types of Accessibility & Application?

Accessibility can refer to different types of disabilities and impairments that people may experience. Here are some of the main types of accessibility and how they differ.

1- Auditory

Auditory type refers to designing websites that can be used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This can include providing transcripts or captions for audio and video content, and alternative ways to convey information typically conveyed through sound, such as visual cues.

2- Mobility

Mobility type refers to designing websites that can be used by people with motor impairments, such as those who have difficulty using a mouse or keyboard. This can include ensuring that all functionality can be accessed using a keyboard and providing larger buttons and clickable areas to make it easier for people to interact with the site.

3- Visual

Visual type refers to designing websites that people with visual impairments, such as blindness or low vision, can use. This can include providing alternative text for images, using high-contrast colors, and ensuring that content is structured in a logical order that screen readers can read.

Why apply accessibility to your website?

Here are the reasons to design a website that is accessible-

  • For clear and concise language: Use plain language and avoid complex or technical jargon. Keep sentences short and use headings and bullet points to summarise the text.
  • For alternative text for images: Provide alternative text (alt text) for images so that people using screen readers can understand the content. This is also important for people with slow internet connections or turned off images.
  • For careful color use: Make sure there is enough contrast between text and background colors to ensure readability.

Summing it up

By designing a website with accessibility in mind, you can ensure that all users, including those with disabilities, can access and use your website. This can improve user experience, increase traffic and engagement, and promote inclusivity.

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