A bulletproof vest is a vest whose purpose is to protect you against bullets and thus help save lives. The vest is designed to stop bullets and encapsulate projectiles from small weapons.

Bullet Proof Vest Promises Adequate Protection because it is tested rigorously under strict quality control guidelines. Furthermore, modern protection concepts entail using revolutionary, light and proven durable components.

Ballistic-resistant clothing has become an important part of protective equipment today. It is used by military personnel, police units in various departments, and protection squads. It is vital to guard your body against piercing gun-fired projectiles etc. With advancing times, the concept of guarding the torso has gone beyond just protecting against small weapon fire and explosions.

The bulletproof vests provides you with ballistic protection. It means that it is resistant to bullets, though exactly what types of bullets depend on the level the armor is listed at. Ballistic protection levels are assigned based on the ammunition the vest can stop, with higher levels capable of stopping stronger ammunition.

What are bulletproof vests made up of?

Bulletproof vests are generally made of layer upon layer of High Tensile Strength fibers. These fibers work together to share the force required to stop bullets.

Kevlar is a comprehensive fabric used to manufacture bulletproof vests for decades. Aromatic polyamide fiber is the main material that helps make a more long-lasting sheet that holds continuous filaments.

The body armor should be sturdy and strong enough to protect the wearer from impact. Kevlar material is made with elastomeric technology, which makes it good enough to build body armor. In addition, Kevlar-made vests give protection from projectiles and sharp objects.

What is a ballistic helmet?

The ballistic helmet is primarily used by military personnel during war or combat. It is a tactical helmet designed to protect the wearer’s head from threats such as ballistic impact and blast debris.

What are the important factors to consider while choosing the best ballistic helmet:

1. Comfort

Comfort is significant. An uncomfortable helmet can endanger focus and impede performance, which is often life-threatening.

2.How to choose the proper size and fit

Size and fit are crucial to a helmet’s effectiveness. Therefore, make certain of your helmet size before you invest in a ballistic helmet.

A helmet must sit properly on the top. If too low, the sector of vision is obstructed. Too high, and stability is compromised, creating a security hazard.

3.Retention system

In addition to padding and suspension, your helmet must have a top-quality strap as a part of its retention system.

Luckily, one standard feature in today’s best ballistic helmets may be a four-point strap and dial adjustment at the helmet’s back.

What is a PASGT helmet?

A PASGT helmet, or a Personal Armor System for Ground Troops, is a sturdy and widely used helmet that has been a part of military and law enforcement. These helmets are NIJ rated at level IIIA to protect against shrapnel and various handguns’ bullet impact.