What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a color within the visible light spectrum with shorter wavelengths and higher energy. It emits from any source with visible light, such as the sun, smartphones, and light bulbs.

We are exposed to blue light from the sun every day. This natural blue light is good for our health as it boosts alertness, improves memory, and enhances mood. Moreover, it helps in melatonin production to regulate the natural circadian rhythm and promote better sleep. It is especially essential for children as a lack of natural blue light can affect the growth and development of their eyes.

After dark, we get exposed to artificial blue light emitting from our digital devices. This type of blue light is extremely harmful to our health as it disrupts our sleep cycle by signaling the brain to be alert at night, causing sleep problems.

What are Blue Light Blockers?

Blue light blockers are glasses or screen protectors that help reduce exposure to artificial blue light emitted from digital devices, such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, and more. They filter blue light and prevent it from reaching the eyes. Blue light is associated with many eye problems, such as eye strains, retina damage, and an irregular sleep cycle. Blue light blockers help to mitigate these problems by filtering blue light.

Types of Blue Light Blockers


  1. Blue light filterscan be placed on the screens of different digital devices to limit exposure to artificial blue light. They are available for different devices, such as monitors, laptops, smart phones, and iPads, to prevent blue light from harming the eyes while providing a clear screen view.
  2. Anti-blue light glassescan filter high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted from digital devices using different materials or coatings, such as an anti-reflective coating. You can wear them while working on digital devices at night to filter blue light from reaching your eyes.

 iMac, Macbook, and iPad with a blue filter

Benefits of Using Blue Light Blockers

  • Blue light blockers can reduce eye strain. Blue light emitted from digital devices causes eye fatigue which can lead to headaches and eye strain. Blue light blockers can reduce headaches and blurry vision by preventing eye strain.
  • Blue light blockers can enhance sleep by reducing your exposure to blue light that disrupts the normal circadian rhythms by slowing the production of the hormone melatonin.
  • Blue light blockers can enhance concentration and productivity by promoting a healthy sleep cycle and reducing eye strain. It can help keep you active during the day and help you sleep at night.
  • Blue light blockers can help improve visionand protect the eyes for the long haul from the risk of macular denigration, a condition that advances with age.

Here’s How to Choose the Right Blue Light Blocker


  1. Check for certification and FDA approvals: Ensure that the blue light blocker you choose has a UV-rated anti-glare coating that can block a good amount of blue light.
  2. Calculate your screen time: If you spend hours in front of your computer for work, you may not want to wear glasses. In this case, you can opt for different blockers, such as anti-blue light screen protectors.
  3. Consider your preferences: Do you want a screen protector for your digital devices or a pair of anti-blue light glassesthat you can carry anywhere? Choose what suits your needs better.

A boy using a laptop while wearing anti-blue light glasses.

So, do you need blue light blockers? It depends. If you spend several hours working on the computer or have a habit of using your phone in bed, it’s recommended to get one. They are necessary to keep your eyes safe from the harmful effects of blue light.

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