There are different types of delicious baked sweets in the world with cakes and cookies being the most favoured ones. Amongst baked goods, another great dish is pastry. It is a dish that makes use of flour, water, and Crisco to transform into dough which then gets baked to be consumed alone or with fillings. Backed pastry dough can be made into two kinds: sweet or savoury.


Pastries like pie, Danishes, éclair, cannoli, and tarts can be categorised under sweet pastries, while croissants and pretzels are the popular savoury pastries.


History of pastry


The origins of pastry can be traced to ancient Egypt where one of its earliest forms was conceived as ‘salt rising breads.’ This pastry was made by the ancient Egyptians using flour, water, and salt. It was then fried in oil and served with honey. Another early form of pastry was made by creating a paste using flour and water and then wrapping the paste around the meat to be baked.


Romans used a similar method to preserve meat rather than using it as a dish since pastries were introduced to Europe through the Middle East and became popular during the middle ages.


Popular types of pastries


Over time, pastries were made in different variations. Amongst these, the following are some of the most popular pastry cakes are:




It is a crescent-shaped bread roll made with flour, water, yeast, sugar, milk, butter, and eggs. It is a popular buttery and flaky French pastry that is often enjoyed as a breakfast meal or afternoon or evening snack. The dish is popular for its lovely aroma, crunchy texture, golden colour, attractive shape, and irresistible flavour that floods the taste buds.


Variations of this pastry often enhance the flavour and texture of the dish by using fillings or toppings such as butter, cheese, chocolate, cream cheese, Nutella, etc.


Chocoholic pastry


This is a delicious pastry with a sponge base that is layered with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate mousse. Each bite of this chocolate pastry offers an explosion of chocolaty flavours, making it a brilliant example of a chocolate cake.


Dark chocolate mousse pastry


They are a chocolate mousse pastry that is baked on a sponge base to give it a smooth and light texture. Unlike most pastries, this dish is more like a cake due to its dense texture and chocolate fudge-like flavour. It is also a pastry that does not require flour, and hence, can easily be made into a gluten-free dish.