Walk in bathtubs are a convenient alternative to regular bathtubs for people who have difficulty stepping down into the bathtubs. It offers convenience to children, older people, and individuals with physical disabilities and provides a great way to upgrade your home to a more comfortable, therapeutic, and safer experience.

walk in bathtub is designed to literally walk in, featuring a water-tight door and a built-in seat to bathe in a comfortable seating position. It has various benefits relating to accessibility, therapeutic, and medical advantages. Let us see some of the benefits of these particular types of bathtubs.


5 Benefits Of Walk In Bathtubs

Besides offering convenience, a walk in tub provides several benefits, especially to those, with limited mobility. Let us see what other benefits it offers as compared to traditional bathtubs.

1] It Provides Prevention From Accidental Slips And Falls

Accidents due to accidental falls or slips in the bathroom are a rising concern among older people and children. They represent one of the major causes of injuries and can even be fatal sometimes. These tubs significantly lower the chances of falls or slips and provide a pleasant experience. There are several online stores where you can buy bathtub online India and give your bathing experience a new feel.

2] Provides Safety Due To Its Features

walk in tub has features like handrails, acid-scald valves, grab bars, and non-slippery flooring, making it more protective than traditional bathtubs. Most bathtubs follow ADA Accessibility.

Due to the presence of these features, a step in bathtub is an apt choice for the elderly, injured, and people with limited mobility issues. It also offers a more reasonable deal than the conventional ones, as you do not need to install it in your bathtub additionally, saving you both time and money.

3] Ease To Use And Comfortable

Walk in acrylic bathtubs are very comfortable to use and are great for those who find it difficult to stand up to take a shower and finds it challenging to step down from a traditional bathtub.

The water-tight door makes it convenient for people to just enter the tub without moving their legs to great heights, resulting in less hassle for people with arthritis, rheumatism, or any general muscle pain. The seating in the bathtub provides extra comfort to people, and with the help of jet sprays, people can clean their upper bodies without lowering their bodies.

4] They Can Be Used For Showering

Walk in bathtubs can be conveniently used for showering as well. They can operate as a stand-up, sit-down shower or as a deep soaking tub. You will be provided a faucet set with an extendable showerhead, which can be hung on height and used as a shower. Besides offering a dual purpose, it helps to make the bathing routine much simpler.


What Is The Cost To Buy Bathtub Online India?

Talking about its price, a walk in bathtub cost depends on its size and added features. However, if you are going with sturdy walk in bathtubs, it will cost you around one lakh rupees in India.



Having a bathtub with a walk-in feature not only offers a pleasant experience while bathing but also upgrades and enhances one’s personal space. The above-mentioned benefits of a step in bathtub help you make up your mind about going ahead to buy it.