FPHL, or female pattern hair loss, occurs more frequently than we realise.Thinness of the hair on the front and top of the scalp is a common feature of female pattern hair loss (FPHL) or female pattern baldness (FPB). Many underlying factors, including anaemia, thyroid disease, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and even menopause, can lead to hair loss in women. Lifestyle factors can also contribute to or worsen hair loss. Smoking, binge drinking, eating poorly, taking certain medications, getting too little sleep, experiencing emotional stress, and even using hazardous or low quality hair products can all contribute to hair loss.

Efficient and Affordable Hair loss Treatment in Melbourne and Brisbane

Are you experiencing ridiculous hair loss lately? If yes, then reach out to us. We understand the damaging effect hair loss in Melbourne can have on a woman and we can help both physically and emotionally. Australian Hair and Scalp Clinics offer efficient and reasonably priced female hair loss treatment in Melbourne and Brisbane.

HFA is specifically designed to manage your circumstances and can

  • Strengthen existing hair
  • Balance scalp PH
  • Clear excess oil and dead skin
  • Repair scalp damage
  • Increase blood flow to targeted areas
  • Provide anti-inflammatory effect
  • Reactivate dormant hair follicles
  • Counter cells that disturb follicle growth

Expert Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne and Brisbane

For almost 30 years, we have provided secure, all-natural treatments to ladies who are balding. We have a great deal of expertise in this area. You can rely on us. We can assist those who are experiencing baldness, premature baldness, alopecia, dandruff, excessive oil production, or greying hair. If you live far away, we offer Zoom consultations in addition to in-clinic visits. You have the option of receiving treatment at home, in the clinic, or a mix of the two. We can help you, we want to help you, and if you cooperate with us, we will assist you. Get in touch with us from our website.

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