Everyone loves to drive cars. But the real trouble begins when the car starts making strange noises. These noises will not give any clue about what is really wrong with your vehicle. Only an experienced mechanic can be able to diagnose the meaning of the noises.

If you fund any strange noises coming out from your vehicle, you can contact CB Auto Services to hire a mobile car mechanic. They are experts in diagnosing issues and giving a perfect solution. A mobile car mechanic will come straight to your place for servicing your vehicle. Experts from CB Auto Services are having more than 20 years of experience in the servicing field and provide all types of maintenance and repair services. If you are looking for a basic car service Perth, a mobile mechanic from CB Auto Services is the perfect option.

Let us now discuss some of the common car noises and their diagnosis that help you to understand when to hire a mechanic.

Rattling Sound:

If you hear the sound when you start driving your car and it goes away with the increase in speed, it can possibly because of a loose or misaligned lug nut inside the hub cap. When you notice this problem, all you need is to simply tighten the nuts and look for the lug nut that might have gone bad. If you don’t find anything suspicious in the nut but don’t know the root cause of this problem, you can hire a mobile car mechanic to fix this problem.

Brake Squeal:

Another common car noise coming from the vehicle is the squealing sound from the brakes. Most car owners have experienced this sound and they still wonder why their cars make such noise. This is because of the worn-out brake pads. Like other components in cars, brake pads also have definite life, but they won’t last beyond that point. Make sure that it needs to be replaced if you experience such noise and check the brake disc for turning and get it done if required. Hire a mobile car mechanic for resolving this issue and they will provide maintenance services at your doorstep.

Clicking Sound While Turning:

Experiencing several noises while turning your car is also a sign of danger. Especially when you hear a low clicking noise, you need to contact a mobile car mechanic immediately. This is because of the constant velocity joints on the vehicle’s front axle, which need to be replaced properly. If you avoid this issue, it results in causing bad effects on the axle.


From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about some of the common noises coming from your car. When you experience any of the sounds listed above, it is essential to hire a mobile car mechanic to solve the problem. Car mobile mechanics from CB Auto Services are equipped with advanced machines and tools in order to give the best possible solution to all your car problems.