Security guards help prevent risks and deter crime, watch out for potential threats, and report the crimes they may encounter. All the duties of security guards are aimed at one objective, crime prevention.

Below are some of the crucial duties performed by security guards:

1.To be vigilant:

One of the primary duties of a security guard is to be vigilant, as this would help in deterring criminals. For example, most burglars, shoplifters, muggers, and other criminals would think twice if they saw a security guard on duty. So being visible is one of the best ways a security guard in San Diego prevents theft, damage, and injury.

2.To respond quickly during a crisis:

Security guard since the crisis and acts quickly to control the situation. So, a security guard must always be on alert to avoid being caught unawares. A security guard must know how to best respond to various dangerous situations.

3.Observing and reporting:

Even after a dangerous situation has been tackled successfully, a security guard must observe until he is sure there are no more problems. Then, after a crisis, a security guard should report the incident to the supervisor or the appropriate authority.

4.Getting help:

During dangerous situations like armed robbery, attacks, or assaults with deadly weapons, a security guard may be unable to handle the situation. In this case, he would need some help and should not waste time calling the police. By getting help like this, loss of lives or property would be saved.

5.Checking and monitoring:

A security guard must maintain certain rules and policies laid down by the employer. For example, individuals may require that visitors be searched before granted. Similarly, any organization may require employees to show their ID cards before entering the work premises. However, a security guard must check and ensure that all the rules and obeyed.

6.Maintain order among people:

Security guards are usually present at large gatherings, such as parties. It ensures the safety of lives and property and prevents the breakdown of law and order.

7.Offer warnings and tips:

Among the security guard’s many responsibilities is to give his employers tips and precautions on how to prevent threatening situations. Security guards should also explain the likely consequences of ignoring these tips to convince their employers to adhere to the policies. In addition, a security guard should ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to.

8.Performing other special duties:

Some security guards, those hired by individuals, perform other duties. For example, they perform other duties like receiving phone calls, responding to texts and emails, and running vital errands for their employer.

Security guard duties include securing the premises of the business and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, and inspecting buildings. Big businesses often hire security guards to ensure no one gets access to secure areas. In addition, some security services provide well-trained security guard services for customers in various industries and security needs.