Are you planning to attend the next Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans? If so, you must start making your reservations from now only because during those four days, you will find each hotel, motel, quarters, and other lodging facility full. Afterall, everyone looks forward to this event and everyone is too excited to be a part of the same.

People cheering with joy, the elaborated and detailed Mardi gras stores in Houma, the zealous preparation of the big feast and the exceptional vibes around, these are a few emotions and feelings that describe the vibe of this festival. The festivals are approaching fast and if you have still not booked yourself a room, do it right now.

Visiting New Orleans and participating in this festival is totally worth it. Get on some Mardi Gras Throws and be a part of this festival that happens only once in a year. Once you attend this carnival, you will always look forward to attending it every year. Try harder and you will find your place in the city soon.

And remember, the parades and festivities will start much before the day of Fat Tuesday! Book your hotel rooms a few days before the day of the actual festival. It is a good time to visit New Orleans to experiences these parades and get a unique Mardi Gras experience without all the crowds.

There is no need to wait until the month of January to plan your trip. If you are attending this festival every year, make sure that you book your stay in advance because advance bookings will keep you stress free and you can also enjoy Mardi gras in New Orleans with Mardi Gras throws and other trinkets for the event.

Here are some rules for the New Parades

The original rules for the carnival was passed in the year 2014 and before you attend the event, you should be sure that you know all of these rules. Heading out to a parade being oblivious of these rules will not help you. If you miss out on the following rules, you might have to move a bunch of stuff. Here are the rules that you should be aware of:

• You cannot place any ladders or other personal effects such as coolers or grills closer to 6 ft to the curb.

• Parking facility on St. Charles and Napoleon will be prohibited on both the sides. All the vehicles are to be moved at least 2 hours before the parade starts. • There can be no private portable toilets on the neutral ground.

Know everything and start gathering your Mardi gras throws from today.

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