Making chocolate boxes is a fun experience indeed. Are you a seller on Amazon or Etsy? And are you selling chocolate boxes online? Or are you selling desserts at a retail store, then making packaging boxes is a task indeed.    

One of my friends used to sell chocolate boxes from his home. Actually, his mother used to make chocolates. Then he used to sell them in chocolate boxes. He asked me for some insights to make the best chocolate boxes. 

I had no idea. So, I contacted a packaging expert at OXO Packaging. The packaging expert shared with me a lot of tips for making custom boxes for chocolate. 

Today, when I was searching for a topic to write a blog then, suddenly, tips to make chocolate boxes came to my mind. So, today, I am writing this blog as the packaging insights to make packaging boxes for chocolates. 

How to Think Differently to Make Chocolate Boxes?

Styles of packaging boxes are indispensable to making spectacular chocolate boxes. So, what do you say? Why should I not first write about the different styles of chocolate boxes? So, read about some commendable styles. These are as follows:

Round Boxes and their Visual Appeal

It is my favorite style to make chocolate boxes. If you make this style, your customers can instantly get attracted to your boxes of chocolates. Packaging companies make this box in a lot of shapes.

You may question if round boxes are already in a spherical shape, then what additional styles of this box are there? Indeed, packaging vendors make these boxes with a lot of sizing. Here check hidden secrets about custom boxes for product packaging.

For instance, they make tall round boxes. Or they make small spherical boxes. Sometimes they make these boxes with bigger diameters, and sometimes they make them with small diameters. These little changes make a lot of difference in the final shape of round boxes.  

Always remember, you can make round boxes only in a rigid material. Indeed, the rigid stock is expensive. So, before making them keep in mind that you will have to spend more while making them. But once you make them, your customers will get the best unboxing experience. 

Why Are Hexagonal Boxes Intriguing? 

This is the first time I am talking about this style of box to make chocolate boxes. Hexagonal boxes have six flaps. This box has six corners. These are one of the best packaging boxes.

I am saying this for a reason. First, you can make them in both Kraft and cardboard stocks. Hence, making this style is relatively inexpensive. But let me elaborate on it; you can make single-piece hexagonal boxes in Kraft and cardboard only. 

If you are making two-piece hexagonal boxes, then you need the rigid stock to make them. Because you have to place the lid on the base of these boxes. So, you need sturdy ends of the flaps. Read this guide to upgrade your packaging for different products.

Why are hexagonal boxes the best to make custom boxes for chocolate? This is an important question. Indeed, the six corners of this box make it an intriguing choice for making boxes for chocolate. Let me say more, if you want luxe in your packaging products, then make this style of box.  

Why do I love Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes?

If you ask me, magnetic closure rigid boxes are the best type of packaging boxes. Why? The reason is simple. This box is a gift box in itself. Have you seen this box earlier? 

First, let me tell you packaging companies make these boxes with rigid material. Click here to check out the reputed packaging company for custom chocolate boxes. Chipboard is the core material that we name rigid stock. So, how do they make it? They simply paste the different cut pieces of chipboard. Then they shape them in the structure of a rectangular or square box. 

Now comes the magnetic secret of this box. They pick two little pieces of magnets. Then they paste one piece inside the opening panel of the box. Later they place the other piece of magnet beneath the closing flap of the lid. Then they place the exterior paper on the chipboard flaps. Now when they close the lid, it automatically attracts toward the opposite flap. It happens due to the magnetic force.

I have seen many people who buy anything in magnetic closure boxes use the product inside. Then they keep the boxes safe. Because they consider these boxes precious. So, making chocolate boxes in the style of magnetic closure boxes enhances the value of your products.