Dogs are great companions. While there are multiple other pet options, such as cats and rabbits, dogs are the most loved ones. Statistics show that more than 41% of households in the United Kingdom have kept dogs as pets. Apart from it, these canines are also used to deal with life-threatening potential situations. Many top-rated companies, like perthsecurityguards, provide security guard dogs in Perth.

The highly-trained guard dogs sense intruders more quickly than the manned security could. In this blog post, I am up to emphasize some crucial aspects of opting for these services. Read on to learn more!

Top Reasons for Hiring Security Guard Dogs

Are you looking forward to having additional measures to secure your premises from theft, vandalism, and other illegal activities? Having a dog around your property can be a better replacement for three security officers, ensuring a higher level of protection. The foremost reasons why dogs are the best option for security are;

1. Physical Deterrent

Dogs never harm anyone for no reason, if they are trained properly. Having a natural hunting capability, these hounds are extremely responsive and alert. For example, In case any trespasser somehow enters your premises. No need to worry as guard dogs will start barking at that intruder and attack, if necessary. The sharp claws and strong jaws are enough to scare them off.

2. Immediate Reaction

Study shows that the reaction time of dogs is much faster than humans. And this incredible ability is proven to be very helpful in the security field. They can sense any unusual movement, scent, or sound instantly and start barking to alert others. This type of immediate reaction not only stops intruders from misdeeds but prevents them from getting out of sight.

3. Lowers Security Budget

Unlike guard dog handlers, running for other security options, like CCTV cameras and Alarm systems can be very costly. Though they are also important, budget maintenance might be of utmost concern, especially for a start-up business. In my opinion, investing in the security services in Perth of the most reliable companies is one of the budget-friendly options.

4. High-Level Intelligence

According to behavioral surveys, a dog’s mental abilities to respond are more active and sharper than human beings. This highly intelligent animal detects danger within no time. Only specific dog breeds are selected for guarding purposes. For instance, Rottweiler, German shepherd, Akita, Doberman, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. All are useful, only if trained properly.

5. Act as Natural Weapon

No doubt the bark of dogs is worse than their bites. They act as a natural weapon, providing physical harm to intruders and vandals. Guard dog handlers are one of the effective deterrents against criminals. Not only do these hounds look intimidating, but trained security guard dogs even run faster in case of extreme aggression. No chance for burglars to run away!

6. Can’t be bribed

No one can challenge a dog’s loyalty. A security officer might be bribed very easily, but the chances with hounds are extremely rare. It is serious to be considered before hiring guard dogs. The security guard dog services are way more beneficial here. They are highly faithful, patriotic, and active animals. Protect your premises from any criminal mishap by hiring security dogs.

Wrap It Up!

No matter if you’re concerned about the safety of your commercial, residential, or private property, security guard dogs help provide an extra level of protection. In my opinion, multiple security companies are offering these types of guard dog services. But, my experience tells me, perthsecurityguards is a worthwhile option