When was the last time you used adhesive tape? Have you stopped to wonder what you would use in its place? Well, adhesive tape is one of the most underrated inventions. Due to its numerous applications, it has become a basic need for most businesses and homes. In addition, it comes loaded with multiple benefits such as ease of use, affordability, and, most importantly, efficiency. What’s more, there are a variety of styles with dozens of uses. Here’s a breakdown of the different adhesive tape types and uses.

Types of Adhesive Tape 

There are numerous types of adhesive tapes. They come in different forms to fit various applications. Adhesive tapes can be categorized in two depending on how they’re activated and the number of coatings. 

Under the number of coatings, the various types include:

  • Single-coated adhesive: These tapes of backing with adhesive on one side. They’re mainly used for general purposes such as packaging and holding.
  • Double-coated adhesive: As the name suggests, these tapes have backing with adhesive on both sides. Therefore, they’re sticky on both sides. Its applications include the aerospace and automotive industries. 
  • Transfer adhesive: Like the double-coated adhesive, transfer tapes have adhesive on both sides of the backing. However, one side has a release liner which you can remove when you only need one side of the tape. 

Under how the tapes are activated, there are three types including:

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: these tapes are easy to stick using pressure. Hence you can stick them using your hands. They don’t need high temperatures or solvents.
  • Heat-activated tapes: As the name suggests, these adhesives require heat to stick. Without heat, the tapes are dry and tuck-free. Hence, you must expose it to high temperatures to form bonding. As a result, they’re ideal for industrial applications.
  • Water-activated tapes: these are also called gummed paper since they consist of gum that only sticks in the presence of moisture. It’s among the cheapest and is usually used on envelopes.

Uses of Adhesive Tapes 

These tapes such as thermoplastic adhesive have numerous applications at home, and in industrial applications these include:

  • Packaging industry: The packaging industry relies on tapes to seal, able and secure packages to enhance safety during transit.
  • Automotive sector: this industry requires tapes to hold parts together, protect surfaces during painting and coating, and grasp small parts such as screws.
  • Electronic industry: they’re handy in holding parts together and protecting sensitive components from dirt and moisture. Also, they provide a physical barrier between electronic components and the environment reducing contamination.
  • Construction industry: they’re used in masking areas when decorating and painting and holding pipes and caves in place. You can also use them to seal joints and seams to prevent dirt and moisture.
  • Household appliances: adhesive tapes are ideal for holding parts together; hence perfect when assembling home appliances.
  • Healthcare sector: the health sector requires adhesive tapes for packaging and binding wounds and incisions.  

There are different types of adhesive tapes, such as double-coated, single-coated, and transfer tapes. These types may be pressure, heat, or water activated. All these types have numerous applications in homes and businesses.