Jim Corbett National Park offers bird-watchers the chance to see more than 500 species. This oldest national park covers an area of 520 km and is home to both migratory and local birds. Although the list is long, the most unique and beautiful birds that can be found here include bayas (black-naped green woodpecker), cinereous vulture, stork–billed kingfisher, fishing eagle, brown dipper, Indian alpine swift, larks, mynas, tailorbird, spotted owlet and many other rare species. These rare bird species are a wonderful addition to the Jim Corbett National Park’s beauty. It is a great destination for avid birdwatchers.

Bird watching is a great way to enjoy nature.

Staying at the Corbett Fun Resort, which is one the most luxurious resorts in Jim Corbett, would be the perfect choice if you are looking for pure luxury and awe-inspiring wildlife. This resort is the perfect example of a home away from home, where guests can unwind and discover what nature has to offer. It will offer a chance to enjoy nature, peace, wildlife and a relaxing atmosphere away from the bustle and tumult of city life. The Jim Corbett resort is a delightfully auspicious venture, set in the woods. It offers a complete deputised chalet, glass room and executive room as well as diverse facilities and the Jim Corbett jungle safari, offering guests a whole getaway.

If you’re keen to see this natural beauty and Corbett bird species in person, book your Jim Corbett National Park stay to witness them in their territory. It will be an unforgettable experience for bird lovers.


You may need a place to stay while you enjoy your visit to Jim Corbett Park for bird watching and nature exploration. There are two options for accommodation in this vast jungle. The first can be the government-authorised forest rest houses. These can be booked in advance so you can plan your visit.

You can also book a luxurious stay at one of the top Jim Corbett resort that boasts classic amenities and a variety of features to enhance your trip. The Seven Corbett resort is located near Mankandpur, in the city. It is located close to Sitabani, which is a significant zone for birdwatching. Multiple colored butterflies can be seen here, which is a bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Just plan your trip, get all the gear, such as binoculars and a camera/mobile, and be alert to spot one.