There was a peculiar and changeable ailment in Victorian-era Western Europe that was widely identified and discussed in medical journals. But nowadays, we rarely hear the term “syphilis” or even think about the condition. There was hysteria among women, and the vibrator was the treatment of choice. What lessons about being a modern lady may be learned from this amusing historical oddity?

The term “female hysteria” seemed unfamiliar

Women’s hysteria has been interpreted differently throughout historical contexts and geographical regions.

A rogue uterus suffocates its victim and leaves them gasping for air (around the time of Plato in Greece). The term derives from the Greek word for the uterus, which is hysteria.

A collection of signs and symptoms that may have included dizziness, retention of fluid, spasms of the muscles, a heavy feeling in the abdomen, difficulty breathing, anger, loss of desire for both food and sexual activity, and a “tendency to cause trouble.”

Women who have never given birth, women who have never married, and women who have never been nuns or widows are more likely to contract this disease than any other group of women.

As much as one-fourth of women, according to the assessment of one Victorian physician, were affected by hysteria.

A bit more accurately, sexual deprivation in especially passionate women was how the Greek physician Galen, an early pioneer in our understanding of neurobiology, described the condition.

How did you handle it?

Sometimes doctors would use a procedure that involved massaging a woman’s pelvis, which would induce an orgasmic state in the patient. A medical term, “hysterical paroxysm,” was used to describe the orgasm. Since the disease was not life-threatening and was unlikely to result in a stay in a mental institution, the doctor may expect financial gain from making the diagnosis. Unfortunately, ongoing “therapy” necessitated repeated visits from patients.

I’m confused by this

You’re right, this odd artifact from the past does provide light on the awful sexual repression that pervaded Victorian society. On the other hand, if you go a bit further, you can find advice for modern-day ladies.

A person’s character can suffer if they don’t get their sexual needs met. Possible “tendency to stir trouble”! Fluid retention and abdominal heaviness are more commonly associated with monthly cycles and are not likely to be the direct cause of sexual frustration. The irritation, muscle spasms, and decreased desire for sex may be a direct result of sexual frustration, though.

This demonstrates that, just as males may become restless, angry, and irritated when their sexual activity begins to decline, so do women. And these days, there’s no reason to let things escalate to that point!

Hysteria treatment that doesn’t involve medication

In Galen’s day, the treatment was either sexual activity if the woman was married, marriage if she was single, or a midwife massaging the woman’s pelvis if she was unable to find a willing or able male. Unlike in the past, modern treatment can be done in secrecy and is adapted to each patient’s unique needs. The ‘onerous’ task of satisfying a woman’s sexual inclinations can now be done by any number of adult toys, including the best vibrators for women and dildos. With so many options for adult toys available from the convenience of your workplace, there is no longer any need for women to endure pain in quiet.

Supporting Women’s Health and Happiness with Flower Essences

A lot of people swear by a concoction called “Rescue Remedy,” which is a combination of flower essences meant to calm the user down in stressful or traumatic situations. The general public’s familiarity with flower essences is restricted to this one medicine. Flower essence therapy’s reach is vast, as it can be used to treat a wide range of mental, emotional, and even spiritual disorders. In this article, we’ll take a look at several flower treatments that have helped other women feel more confident in their femininity and radiate their inner light.

To begin, a brief introduction to flower essences – How do they function, and what are they? Envision the beauty and radiance of a flower just opening its petals. A flower’s energy is unique to it. The shape, size, and color, as well as the time of year it blooms, the frequency of its blooming, the length of time each bloom lasts, etc. (Now we go into the realm of the esoteric; western science and eastern philosophy both hold that matter is energy and that we are just deceived by our sense of touch. Similar to how one flower may be distinguished from another based on its unique vibrational energy pattern, each kind of matter can be identified by its vibrational energy pattern. Sunflower tea, which is what a flower essence is, is brewed in a specific way. The vibrational pattern of a flower can be stored in water since water is particularly ‘printable’ with frequency. So, what does this imply for humankind as a whole? In the same way, each distinct emotional or psychological pattern also has its distinct frequency. By imbuing our vitality with the splendor and power of a specific flower (or flowers) appropriate to our state, flower essences have the potential to assist us in transforming emotional or psychological patterns that may be holding us back or making us miserable into new, healthy patterns of existence. Some of these essences may assist you in allowing the divine feminine to blossom within you.

Alpine lily flower essence helps the soul feel at home in the physical body. Women may feel dissatisfied with their bodies due to messages from our culture or their family, which may lead them to reject the traditionally female characteristics of their bodies as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad. This can cause friction within, mental turmoil, and possibly the onset of sickness in the body. The Alpine Lily helps the feminine soul feel safe and secure in her physical form, opening the way for her natural beauty to shine through in her human incarnation.

A pomegranate flower essence is a tonic that encourages women to share their creative energies with the world, whether at home or abroad. It has been a crucial treatment for ‘women’s troubles,’ relieving stress and anxiety. The emotional condition is directly linked to physical health, therefore this cleaning can have profound effects on health problems. A woman’s sexual insecurities can be soothed by pomegranate, which is why it’s utilized as an aphrodisiac. Because of this, one can openly communicate via the sexual chakra. Because of its reputation for bringing out one’s natural femininity, pomegranate essence users could benefit by envisioning themselves exuding self-assurance.

Flower essences, including hibiscus, can help women who have experienced sexual trauma regain emotional and mental wellness. Modern women, who may have accepted the damaging ideas of dehumanized sexuality deliberately or unconsciously, may also gain much from this. The flower’s fragrance delivers a soothing warmth all over, but it’s especially effective in mending a broken or suppressed sexual psyche, so it’s no surprise that it’s a symbol of beauty.

One of the original 38 flower essences created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, Beech encourages kindness and compassion towards others by fostering the growth of one’s sense of self-assurance. Those who are subjected to constant criticism and high standards of performance may develop feelings of insecurity and vulnerability as a result of their upbringing. Later in life, this can manifest as hostile words and criticism of others. An individual who has been exposed to such a setting may be too sensitive and self-critical, but beech might help them become less so, which in turn reduces their tendency to project their negative emotions onto others.

Sunflower flower essence is thought to instill a bold and confident feeling of self and unleash that self into the world. It’s a common treatment for people who have suppressed their happiness because of a strained connection with a father figure. Where insecurity shows itself as conceit and haughtiness, the sunflower will restore equilibrium. In this case, the sunflower symbolizes the presence of heartfelt kindness and tenderness. In general, a sunflower can mend a woman’s skewed view of the masculine, which often stems from a tense connection with her father.

Even though these essences are frequently utilized by women for healing, there are many others. Both online and printed resources might lead you to other floral therapies that may aid your ailment. Healing the mind and heart with flower essences is possible without risk or interference from other medications. The ability of a positive mind and glad heart is crucial to achieving and maintaining optimal health, and this can help with that.