This article is a brief insight into the understanding of the concept and notions of e-waste and e-waste management. The term has become famous in the last couple of decades ever since there has been a technological revolution at the turn of the century. For Electronic Test Equipment, consider JHI e-Scrap.

And you must have come across the term quite a lot lately. It is in fact hard to not come across. And the term is frequently buzzing about in the market, civil society and amongst groups of environmentalists, and all for the right reason.

We are living in an age where the consumption of electronic equipment has shot up exponentially and it is only going up rapidly every day. That means the amount of consumption and the pace at which we are consuming and hence thereby producing electronics is simply ground breaking. These two trends tell us two things- a) human civilisation is expanding and advancing at a rapid pace b) we have a new problem at hand, and that is the management of the e-waste. The word has become popular even more so in the industrial world.

So, what is the antidote to this ever-increasing demand for electronics and consumption/production of the same? the antidote is recycling. There is hardly any chance that the human race is anywhere close to reducing the use of electronics because these are part and parcel of the way of our life. Hence the only alternative is recycling.