When seeking relief from muscular pain, people often choose physical therapy but they increasingly turn to dry needling because it is more effective. Bergen Pain and Rehab in NJ uses the most advanced form of dry needling in treating a variety of pain symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, hamstring pain, foot pain and hand pain.

The effectiveness of dry needling as well as trigger point acupuncture (these are the manual methods) comes from the fact that they, to a certain extent, can neutralize trigger points that cause pain. However, the method used at Bergen Pain and Rehab – automated IMS or A-IMS – is much more powerful in neutralizing trigger points  than the manual methods.

Trigger points are formed in a muscle when muscle is injured and/or the nerve root that innervaes the muscle becomes irritated.  A trigger point is a local contraction of a muscle fiber to form a small knot.  When a lot of trigger points are formed, these trigger points exert pressure on local blood vessels and nerve fibers causing compression pain and pulling pain.

The fundamental difference between dry needling and acupuncture is that, in acupuncture, needles are inserted into acupoints that exist along the meridian lines defined by classic oriental medicine principles to  impart curative effects.  Whereas, in dry needling, the needles are inserted into the muscle for muscle relaxation. In dry needling, a needle is inserted into a  muscle region where trigger points exist.  Leaving the needle inserted into a muscle relaxes the muscle to a certain extent but moving the needle automatically (as in A-IMS) induces a lot of local twitch responses that are essential for quick relaxation of the muscle to alleviate pain.

The fundamental advantages of A-IMS treatment are

  • Root cause of pain is treated
  • Pain relief is obtainable after just a few treatments
  • The treatment works for patients who did not get relief from surgery
  • The treatment works for patients who did not get relief from injections
  • The treatment works even with complex cases

The patient can receive A-IMS treatment comfortably because a premedication used to alleviate pain involved during needling.

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If you are looking for dry needling for pain treatment, try advanced dry needling method called A-IMS offered by Bergen Pain & Rehab in Cresskill NJ – the only place in the entire world where the most advanced dry needling treatment is offered.