Already got an airsoft starter kit and ready to get on the field? Aside from setting yourself up for an airsoft event, you’ll probably enjoy the game better if you are prepared with the following airsoft essentials.

Glasses/A Face Mask
Most courses will let you play with just goggles or protective glasses, but a face mask offers much better protection. Getting hit up close is no joke, especially if you get hit in the tooth.

An Airsoft Gun Case
You can use a soft-sided case but a hard-sided case will offer much better protection – and let’s face it, you may have spent several hundred to a thousand dollars on your airsoft gun, even if it was a starter kit!

Some Extra Magazines
The lone mag that came with your airsoft starter kit is not going to cut it, even if it’s a high-cap airsoft mag. Get a few extras – like 5. You don’t want to be without ammo in a match. That’s for sure.

Good Boots
Good boots are at the top of every airsoft essential list out there and there is a reason. Boots will protect you and your ankles, support you, and keep you warm and dry (or cool if it is hot).

Some Airsoft Attachments
Only you can know what airsoft attachments make sense given what came with your airsoft starter kit. Optics like red dot sights and airsoft scopes are useful for most, as are vert grips and WMLs (flashlights).

A Flashlight
Disregard if you already got a WML as recommended by the previous pointer. You’ll need at least one as they are obviously critical for being able to see in the dark.

Water Bottles
Better yet, get an aluminum or plastic canteen. These are much more durable and can be refilled, and they usually hold more water, too.

A Battery Charger
Get a battery charger and stash it in your airsoft gun case just to be safe.

Spare Gas
Same line of thinking. Many airsoft starter packages come with a sidearm which is likely to be a gas blowback pistol. You don’t want dead batteries, you don’t want to run out of gas.

Airsoft Ammo
Get at least one bottle of quality airsoft ammo, preferably biodegradable airsoft ammo. Also, get a canister that you can attach to your vest. They are affordable and will pay for themselves.

A Speedloader
Doesn’t seem like a must-have but it is. Those airsoft mags cannot be loaded effectively by hand so a speedloader is necessary.

A Tool Kit
After a while, the screws on your airsoft gun are going to start to work loose. Being able to tighten them in the field is essential if you don’t want to lose necessary hardware.

A Folding Knife
A folding knife has a billion and one uses from preparing lunch to cutting paracord. Don’t be caught without one.

A Tactical Vest to Organize Everything
Last but not least, get yourself a comfortable, practical tactical vest that you can use to organize everything. You want to keep the essentials (mags, speedloader, ammo) front and center so you can access them during a match.

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