When starting out in the world of musicians as a drummer, you need to invest in a drum set that helps you shape your skills. Hence, it’s essential to know what options you have for buying a drum set at the cheapest price possible. One of the most attractive trades would be investing in used drums, whether you want to buy within a budget or for temporary use.

When looking at used drums, you can expect them to come with dirt, grime and scratches after sustaining years of hit and aggressive use. However, they can be easily fixed and avoided if they don’t affect the sound quality. Let’s get to know which flaws in the used drums you can look out for.

What damages in the used drum may require extra investments?

While scratches don’t affect a drum set’s sound, functionality and playability, you would not want broken heads and faulty hardware in the drum kit, which may cost a lot to replace. Hence, when buying used drums in Ottawa, make sure to buy a drum set that is in playable condition. The lugs, tops and bottoms should be tunable with proper greasing to install heads. Make sure the head of the drums is round and not oval, and the bearing edges should be uniform, touching the skin evenly.

Not just snare and bass drums, all the hardware in the used drum should function properly and be preserved in good shape to make it great. Choose Dave’s Drum Shop to buy your first used drum that suits your needs at a reasonable price range.